Specialized Storm Pro 2.0in review

A very fast, super-light, sticky compound race combo

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £20.00 RRP

Our review

A very fast, super-light, sticky compound race combo
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Specialized’s wet weather tyres are very much a speed rather than spikey grip choice, but if you bear that in mind then they’re really great. Using an arrow front and low block rear tread, with relatively low but well-buttressed side knobs.


Big spaces between them means they never ever clog though, and soft compound rubber sucks onto any rocks and roots poking through the puddles. Low tread and very low weight means phenomenal acceleration and agility so they pick up any speed you drop in the swamps which makes them ideal for race use.

They also ?are the back end out very easily if you brake or put the power down too hard, so they’re best suited to skilful not clumsy riders. Once you’re expecting it though, it’s a predictable and manageable speedway-style slide that’s a lot of fun to work with.


They need a fair bit of pressure in them to survive rocky bits though, and they ‘thorn puncture’ pretty easily too, so they wouldn’t be our ?rst choice for general trail use, but very rapid tread wear is offset by the very low price.

Product Specifications


Name Storm Pro 2.0in
Brand Specialized Bicycles

Wheel Type Winter
Tyre Tread Knobbly
Bead Aramid
Rubber Compound 50/60 Dual Compound
Tyre Width Sizes Available 1.85-2.5 In
Weight (g) 516
Threads Per Inch 120
Colour Black