Tioga Proto Mud Tyres review

Promising mud prototypes for the gravity set

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Tioga Proto Mud Tyres

Our review

Super sticky winter tyre, but not the best choice for speed work
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These prototype mud tyres bode well for the proper production models they will soon spawn, though their weight and tread/compound combo makes them best suited for gravity work. 


The tread pattern is a cross between Tioga’s existing Black Turtle extreme spikes and their normal cross-country  tyres and Tioga have used their stickiest slow rebound rubber compound.

The two centre rows and single side rows of knobs have wide spacing for fast clearing in claggy conditions, resulting in a super grippy tyre in all wet conditions. Our set were tubeless too, so you can drop the pressure right down.

The Cyclex tubeless casing isn’t the most supple though, with a fairly clunky feel on steps and drops and you’ll need latex inside to seal them on most UST rims.


At 848g they’re not light either and the compound and tread makes them painfully slow on the flat, to the point where you have to keep pedalling through corners to capitalise on the extra grip.

Product Specifications


Name Proto Mud Tyres
Brand Tioga

Weight (g) 848