WTB Moto 2.3 AM TCS mountain bike tyre review

Fit and forget loose conditions rubber

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
GBP £44.99 RRP | USD $64.95
WTB Moto 2.3 AM TCS mountain bike tyre

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The WTB Moto is a no-nonsense option for no-nonsense riders - simply fit and forget
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At first glance the Moto appears almost worryingly basic; no sipes, no ramps and no two-tiered knobbles. What is this, 1945? But while it’s true it’s been in WTB’s lineup for years, there’s a reason – it’s still a damn good tyre.


It rolls impressively swiftly for a 2.3in. The Moto delivers more-than adequate climbing traction and mud clearance too, and cornering capability is pretty average, in the best sense of the word.

It’s just a very, very normal tyre, even down to its mid-pack weight of 650g. The best aspects of a WTB tyre are hidden away – the knobbles don’t sing and dance or anything, either metaphorically or – and this would be impressive – literally.

A big reason WTB tyres have their fans is that the company knows how to make a carcass that rides well – these are no exception, with lovely supportive sidewalls that avoid excess chunk and blunted sensations. They’re easy to set up tubeless too.

This is a loose conditions tyre (wet or dry) that’s best ridden fast and loose by a pilot who doesn’t mind – or actually prefers – going sideways a great deal of the time. Beyond that it’s not a highly specific design, so it’s a great choice if you don’t like changing tyres all the time.


Simply bung these on when the clocks change and take them off when they change back. Done.

Product Specifications


Name Moto 2.3 AM TCS (13)
Brand WTB

Description Weight: 650g. Sizes: 26x2.1, 26x2.3, 29x1.9in