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WTB Verdict TCS Light High Grip + Slash guard 29 x 2.5in tyre review

An aggressive tread pattern for the gnarliest conditions

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £50.00 RRP | USD $71.00
WTB Verdict TCS Light High Grip Slash Guard mountain bike tyre

Our review

Great performance on soft terrain with loads of roots and rocks
Pros: Great soft ground grip; plenty of carcass support; good braking traction
Cons: Not so grippy on hardpack terrain
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WTB says the Verdict is its most aggressive front tyre, where traction is the highest priority thanks to its massive, chunky and widely-spaced knobs and soft compound.

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WTB classes the Verdict as a spike tyre (designed specifically for very muddy or soft conditions), but for really grotty conditions a Verdict Wet is also available – which is even more aggressive than the standard Verdict.

  • Weight: 1,139g
  • Width: 2.5in (measured on 30mm rim)
  • Best suited: Front, soft ground

WTB Verdict TCS Light High Grip + Slash guard 29 x 2.5in performance

The aggressive tread pattern meant the Verdict provided excellent mechanical traction in soft ground, able to dig into the terrain and grip well.

The impressively soft compound and central blocks’ siping stuck to rocks and roots predictably, regardless of speed, inspiring confidence.

WTB Verdict TCS Light High Grip Slash Guard mountain bike tyre
The tyre has a bias towards cornering grip on soft ground.
Ian Linton / Immediate Media

WTB’s light carcass was well damped and provided ample support in the turns, and resisted tears and punctures during testing.

Although the tyre had a relatively square profile and large shoulder knobs, it had great cornering grip on soft ground, where it was easy to lean over as the sides bit into the terrain.

They were less predictable on hardpack, however, and at times felt like they were understeering in turns, not helped by the height of the blocks. Once lent over beyond the shoulder knobs angles, they did squirm and slip.

Braking traction was great, though, and most surprisingly rolling resistance was low thanks to the ramped edges of the central blocks.

WTB Verdict TCS Light High Grip Slash Guard mountain bike tyre
Even the Light casing is seriously durable.
Ian Linton / Immediate Media

Although a standard track pump easily inflated the tyre on the 30mm internal width rims, 30psi was required to seat the bead correctly and it took several attempts before the tyre fully sealed, no longer leaking.

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If you’re riding soft terrain with loads of roots and rocks, the Verdict is a great tyre.

How we tested

We pitted 10 all-mountain/enduro tyres against each other on a host of conditions, testing back-to-back on the same trails, to find out which one we think is worth your time and money.

The five pairs of tyres were all fitted on the same 30mm (internal width) rims and inflated to similar pressures, with slight variances to reflect tyre volume.

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