Specialized Terra Pro 2Bliss tire review

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When the conditions turn sloppy it's time for the Terra
Buy if, You've got a season of muddy racing ahead of you
Pros: Easy tubeless set-up, outstanding grip, sheds mud with ease
Cons: More a mud specialist than one tread for all conditions
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Specialized has updated the Terra Pro tubeless cyclocross tire with a revised tread pattern and a new rubber compound, both of which are intended to make this popular tubeless ’cross tire more capable for muddy cyclocross racing.


Back with more bite

There’s more space between the knobs to improve mud clearing
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Like the previous version, the Terra Pro shares a familial resemblance with the legendary Michelin Mud, with widely-spaced angular knobs designed to grip and shed mud with ease.

Compared to the previous iteration, the new Tracer has a more open tread pattern to improve mud shedding. The knobs themselves are taller with raised and serrated edges to maximize grip.

In addition to the refined tread pattern, Specialized is using a new Gripton rubber compound designed to remain soft and supple in cold conditions.

My 700x33c Terra Pro tires weighed in at 390g each and measured a plump 35mm at 30psi on Specialized CLX32 rims, which have an internal width of 20.7mm. That additional volume may be off-putting for athletes who have to toe the line when it comes to the UCI’s tire width restrictions. For the majority of cyclocross racers, though, this is a welcome boost in volume.

On course

The Terra Pro has tall knobs with edges intended to maximize grip
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Tubeless cyclocross tires are getting better each season. While still not as supple as tubulars, the ability to quickly swap tread patterns to match course conditions is a strong argument for their use by weekend warriors.

I experimented with tire pressures from 30 to 24psi and settled on 26 front and 28psi rear for the majority of my racing. Burping the tubeless bead was never an issue.

There’s a noticeable increase in grip from the previous-generation of the Terra, which was more of an all-around tire than one specifically designed with mud in mind. The tall, widely-spaced knobs do their job of gripping through turns and shedding mud well.

On the flipside, the Terra is now more of a wet-conditions tire than one you would want to mount and race all season. Thankfully, Specialized has other tires in its arsenal for dry, hard-packed courses.


Bottom line

If you’re looking for a reliable tubeless tire to combat the muck and mire of cyclocross the Terra Pro 2Bliss delivers.

Product Specifications


Name Terra Pro 2Bliss
Brand Specialized