Corima AERO+ MCC wheelset review

Deep-section carbon clinchers

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Olympic gold medal-winning performance with clincher convenience
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The AERO+ carbon clincher is Corima’s go-to model for those seeking a deep-section wheelset that doesn’t have to be saved until race day. 


There’s a confidence-inspiring feel about the AERO+ that can be absent on similar wheels of this height (47mm). This particular pair doesn’t lend itself to the new-age trend of rim shapes but sticks with a more traditional, straight and inward-facing sidewall. The result is a firm yet controllable ride that’s also whisper-quiet over rougher road surfaces.

The rim is rated to a maximum pressure of 116psi, which was plenty for our Continental GP4000S control tyre and 70kg (154lb) test pilot. The ride was suitably firm for a wheelset of this height, and while vibration was noticeable on the tall and narrow-section rim it was the brilliant speed and ease of acceleration that was the biggest standout.

Luckily, we got to use the AERO+ in conditions that were perfect for assessing the controllability of deep-section wheels. The 50km/h crosswinds and reasonable amount of climbing at Australia’s Jayco Herald Sun Tour offered the ideal testing ground.

One thing the test reinforced is the fact that a wheel can be traditionally shaped and still perform in crosswinds. The AERO+ rim has a width of 22.6mm, which according to Corima offers the perfect balance of aerodynamics and stiffness. A certain level of concentration was required in the tough crosswinds, but the wheels were stable and predictable.

There was never a moment when the wind became too much for the AERO+ set. The wheels lapped up the blustery conditions, and when the wind direction changed to come from behind, they would hum along effortlessly.

The precise inner wall of the rim can be sharp. take care not to pinch the tube when mounting new tyres :
Alex Malone/Future Publishing

The precise inner wall of the rim can be sharp

The clinchers aren’t the lightest on the market but the manufacturer’s strict tolerances are obvious on the road. The French-made wheels run pinpoint-straight without a hint of sway, and you’d be hard-pressed to get any noticeable flex during a sprint.

One aspect that could be improved is the braking surface. The wheels are supplied with Corima-specific brake pads, and while the cork material gives a nice modular feel, a treated sidewall would do wonders for stopping power. This is only a minor  that’s far outweighed by the performance of the full-carbon clincher.


Included with the wheels is a pair of fairly standard steel skewers that, for the weight weenies, could be swapped for ones with a little less bulk and a better cam function. The supplied models do the job fine, and the wheels will also fit inside bags with the skewers still fitted.

Product Specifications


Name AERO+ MCC wheelset (13)
Brand Corima

Weight (g) 1553