Hunt 30 Carbon Aero Disc wheelset review

Super-light tubeless disc performance at a killer price

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £969.00 RRP | AUD $1,681.00 | USD $1,343.00
Hunt 30 Carbon Aero Disc wheels

Our review

Superbly executed lightweight, glide riding, tubeless disc all-rounders at a bargain price
Buy if, You want one of the best all-round road/rough disc wheels at a bargain price
Pros: Super-light, sweet-riding, wide, tubeless-tyre friendly, multi-axle bargains
Cons: Slightly soft under maximum power and through high G corners
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The latest wheels from UK designer Hunt unleash maximum potential from disc-equipped race bikes with a combined assault of super-lightweight, sweet-riding build and high volume, tubeless-compatible smoothness.

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And, as if that wasn’t enough, it does it far cheaper than most.

In typically helpful Hunt fashion, it provides the wheels pre-fitted with Schwalbe Pro One tubeless road tyres in 23, 25 or 28mm width for an extra £99 (£35 cheaper than RRP).

If you’re setting up yourself, then the H-Lock rim means tyres snap into place savagely (it’s okay, the sidewalls haven’t snapped even though it might sound like it) and they sometimes need more pressure than normal (or bead lube) to fit cleanly all the way round.

They come off fine though (hands free if you’ve got your technique down well) and the 20.5mm inner width means they support up to 40mm tyres well.

Hunt offers several pre-fitted Schwalbe and Hutchinson tyre options in larger sizes too, although they generally steer bigger-tyre users towards the bigger bearings and better seals of the 30Carbon Gravel wheels.

The 30 Carbons offer a sweet spot for enhancing the all-round performance of most disc-equipped road bikes

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more of an obvious straight-line aero advantage, then there are 50mm-deep versions with the same rim width but are 100g heavier overall.

In my opinion, the 30 Carbons offer a sweet spot for enhancing the all-round performance of most disc-equipped road bikes. They’re not the most brutally stiff wheel under power (or through turns) and pick up is slightly slow.

At 1,340g taped and valved, they spin up to speed effortlessly in any situation once engaged. They float up climbs with particularly blissful ease and the wide and relatively low rim handles without stress in gusty or high-speed descending conditions too.

Twenty four Pillar PSR XTRA bladed spokes are hand-laced and ‘second opinion’ finished for a great ride feel, reliably even tension and rough-use-shrugging strength on Hunt wheels.

The super-thin hookless rim capitalises on the lack of brake-related heat with an impact-resistant, vibration-damping ‘V:Absorbe’ resin, which flatters the already floated ride.

While weather sealing isn’t as comprehensive as Hunt’s 4 Season and Gravel wheels (and the bearings are smaller), I’ve had no issues during testing through a typically mixed UK year, and the steel-reinforced free hub resists drive damage.

They can be ordered in 9mm, 12mm or 15mm front and 9/12×135/142mm rear, but it’s easy to switch between standards if you upgrade your frame. They’re supplied with six bolt rotor adaptors to convert the Centrelock hubs, spare spokes, and they’re fully tubeless taped and valved as standard.

Hunt operates 60-day return and crash-replacement policies to enhance already excellent direct-buy value.

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Hunt 30 Carbon Aero Disc specs

  • Weight: 600g + 740g = 1,340g
  • Width: 20.5/25mm
  • Engagement: 13 degrees

Product Specifications


Name Name, 0, 10, Name, 30 Carbon Aero Disc
Brand Brand, 0, 20, Brand, Hunt Bike Wheels

Front Wheel Weight Front Wheel Weight, 2, 0, Front Wheel Weight, 600
Rear Wheel Weight Rear Wheel Weight, 2, 0, Rear Wheel Weight, 740