Love Mud Rumpus Boost review

Bargain, durable plus wheels

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £199.00 RRP | USD $287.00
Love Mud's Rumpus Boost

Our review

Weight dulls responsiveness but bombproof steam roller momentum at a bargain price
Buy if, You fancy trying plus wheels on your 29er without spending a fortune
Pros: Broad, secure sealing and all weather durability at a bargain price
Cons: Massive weight impacts acceleration and agility
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Affordable and built to fit between just about any dropouts, the Rumpus Boosts are a tempting ‘try out’ plus wheel — if you can cope with the colossal weight.


It’s impossible to ignore the mass of the 750g rims when grunting them up to speed. Once rolling though they plough through random trail trauma that would stop other wheels in their tracks.

The hubs have also been equally trouble free despite months of regular drowning and irregular cleaning

While the weight makes them stubborn to turn, once leant over they feel securely surefooted with enough feedback to make fine adjustments rather than being too floppy or too firm.

The extra width also helps with low pressure stability and means you can use standard width Gorilla or Duck tape for sealing (they’re supplied untaped, which is forgivable for the price).

The fattened tyre sidewalls are vulnerable to scuff damage, particularly if they have top-only tread, but the three sets I’ve been running have been impressively rock proof and well built, with no tension or wobble issues in the tough 32-spoke, straight-gauge, brass-nippled build.

The hubs have also been equally trouble free despite months of regular drowning and irregular cleaning, but new wheels will have updated, higher quality, stainless bearing, four-pawl, laser engraved hubs.

  • Weight: 1,240 + 1,380 = 2,620g
  • Width: 44/49mm
  • Pick up: 10 degrees

Product Specifications


Name Rumpus Boost
Brand Love Mud

Front Wheel Weight 1240
Rear Wheel Weight 1380