Superstar Electro Alpine30 Trail review

Tough wheels at a great price

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £400.00 RRP
Superstar's Electro Alpine30 Trail

Our review

Top end, hand built, tough trail performance and outstanding product back up at a mid range price
Buy if, You want a great long term supported trail wheel package at a bargain price
Pros: Great hand-built ride feel, sweet-spot width rims, fantastic back up, great price
Cons: Chunky weight
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  • Weight: 910g + 1,020g = 1,930g
  • Width: 29mm/35mm
  • Freehub lag: 3 degrees
  • Sizes: 27.5, 29in

Superstar has always produced outstanding value wheels, but few people appreciate the level of detail it puts into sourcing and building them at every level. It’s very obvious with this set of proper premium performers though.

The Alpine 30 rims are asymmetric to reduce the offset of the spokes. The idea is that you’re getting a better bracing angle rather than a more vertical and laterally weak build.

It’s a hard concept to prove or disprove (there are obvious counter arguments that the rim is less supported on the driveside), but the hand built construction with 32 ultra butted Sapim Laser spokes at either end certainly feels solid and accurate on the trail.

The pre-taped ‘LockR’ rim profile means tyres pop easily and securely into place once you’ve added some valves to the equation (£6.99 from Superstar or £10.99 for colour matched alloy). The 29mm inner width is well sized to give a good, buoyant profile on 60mm tyres (that’s 2.35–2.6in depending on brand).

Despite the super competitive price, Superstar wheels are hand built to order in the UK rather than machine built overseas. The resulting attention to detail gives a very user friendly ride feel between precise tracking accuracy and enough give and shock shrug to carry speed and avoid punishment on really long rocky descents.

I’ve not had any ding or burp issues while testing and top quality SKF bearings underwrite long-term smoothness.

The instant reaction Electro rear hub also offsets the relatively high weight of the wheel when it comes to snapping back up to speed out of corners, or before jumps.

Considering the quality, the price is excellent, and Superstar includes a two-year warranty, a crash replacement discount scheme and free spoke re-tensioning for life.


Custom options and a wide range of other package wheels are also available on site at a similarly good price.

Product Specifications


Name Electro Alpine30 Trail
Brand Superstar Components

Front Wheel Weight 910
Rear Wheel Weight 1020