Limar 555 review

Mid-price lid from Italy’s Limar

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £50
Limar 555 Helmet

Our review

Good quality build and easy to adjust but the 555 isn’t that light
Pros: Good quality build and adjustability
Cons: Not that light, we’d like more hardshell coverage

Limar’s new 555 offers pretty much everything you would expect from a mid-price helmet, with 50 quid being the amount many of us pay for head protection on day-to-day rides.


My lid weighed in at 303g for a Large (57–62cm), which is a little heavier than the 285g claimed. Though there are much better places to save a few grams than in a product designed to potentially protect your brain and save your life, and the difference between a 200g helmet and one weighing nearer 300g is not one you notice provided the helmet is comfortable. The Medium (52-57cm) size weighs a claimed 260g.

The helmet’s padded chin-strap comes into its own over longer rides and, like the anti-bacterial pads, can be removed for cleaning

The 555 has anti-bacterial pads, 15 decent-sized vents (the front four with bug netting) and there are six different colour options available, with the glossy white, red and blue perhaps the most striking.

Limar also makes a dedicated rear LED, though you could get other lights to fit too. It has an effective reflective patch at the rear, though some more reflectives on the sides, in the Limar logo for example, wouldn’t go amiss.

It’s a typical modern in-mould construction, with a hard plastic shell over a tough EPS (expanded polystyrene) internal structure, which is designed to absorb energy from any potential impact.

The plastic shell doesn’t extend all the way over the rim, which leaves the helmet a little more vulnerable to accidental damage although it does reduce weight. And while 15 vents may not seem that many, they did a good job stopping my head overheating on warmer rides.

Construction quality is very neat and tidy and it has stood up well to weeks of daily commuting duties. It feels snug, stable and secure too, with the rear knurled dial Competition+ Fit system easy to adjust one-handed on the fly.

The helmet’s padded chin-strap comes into its own over longer rides and, like the anti-bacterial pads, can be removed for cleaning.

The 555 is up against a lot of similar priced competition — such as Specialized’s Echelon II and Giro’s Foray — but if it fits the shape of your head it’s worth serious consideration.

And though not exceptional value at its full recommended retail price, if you can get it for less it becomes a very appealing proposition and one that’s certainly worth trying.


Limar 555 specifications

  • Vents: 15
  • Price: £50 / US475 / AU$90