Fenwick’s Stealth road bike kit review

All-in-one bike cleaning

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GBP £31.99 RRP | USD $50.00
Fenwick’s Stealth road bike kit

Our review

Great package that includes the very best chain lube on the market
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Cleaning your bike is a necessary part of every cyclist’s life. There’s nothing better for keeping your bike running smoothly and giving more longevity to the components than ensuring everything is clean and free from everyday grime. Fenwick’s Stealth kit provides you with all you need to get your bike in tip-top shape – from cleaners to lubes and a bucket, this has the lot.


To start your cleaning regime there’s the FS-1 concentrate that you dilute with 10 parts water (you can mix it in the handy bucket which doubles as the kit’s packaging). FS-1 is free from solvents, acids, salts and other potentially harmful nasties – unlike washing-up liquid, which may contain harmful salts – and is completely biodegradable. The undiluted concentrate works as a pretty tenacious degreaser too.

Next you need the FS-10 cleaner, which is contained in a refillable pump-action bottle. It’s also biodegradable and is great for getting at stubborn grime but also useful for a quick day-to-day spruce-up. 

For your drivetrain the kit includes one of our very favourite products: the Foaming Chain Cleaner. You spray this liberally on your chain and cassette, where it expands rapidly while still remaining sticky enough not to drop off the bike and onto the floor. This is complemented by a sponge designed specifically for chain cleaning. It’s made from tough material with a grooved slot for the chain that gives complete coverage – it does get pretty filthy when used but we’ve found using a bit of FS-1 to clean it up works a treat.

Once your chain is finally clean you use the Stealth Chain Lube – the jewel in the crown of the whole package. You apply it through a pipette, and it really is a case of less is more. The liquid is air-drying and once dried, which happens remarkably quickly, it gives your chain the appearance of a near ceramic-like coating. It’s simply the best chain lube around, resisting grime brilliantly and staying put for longer too. 

Lastly, a can of spray-on multi-lube is included for cables and general lubricating.


At £31.99 it’s a fair whack for ‘just’ cleaning your bike. But if you were to buy all the bits separately it would set you back nearer £39, and that wouldn’t include the bucket either.

Product Specifications


Name Stealth road bike kit (12)
Brand Fenwicks