Flaer Revo Terra automatic chain-lubing system review

A fussy way to roll

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2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5
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Performs the task, but there are easier (and lighter) ways to do the job
Pros: Does what is says on the box (if set up properly)
Cons: There are much simpler, lighter, cheaper and more life-proof alternatives
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Unlike past lube-dribblers, which relied on a random capillary/gravity feed, the Revo uses a battery-powered pump to douse the chain with 0.03ml of Flaér’s lightweight Terra Fluid at a time.

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This comes out of a dispenser on your rear mech, attached via an extended lower jockey wheel bolt.

One of five intervals can be set, from every 30 to 150 seconds
Mick Kirkman

One of five intervals can be set, from every 30 to 150 seconds. I ran it on a well-used e-bike that had been lube hungry, and the 45- and 120-second settings kept squeaks at bay in most conditions without swamping the chain. 

Flaér claim a 5 percent efficiency increase over a ‘lubed and left’ chain. All I can confirm is that it kept things quiet on long days out.

An auto-pause system keeps it reasonably drip free. It’s crucial to zip-tie the hose to your frame carefully so as not to crimp oil flow, and to leave enough length to allow full mech motion (but not so much that it snags your chain). 

At 244g it will add a little weight
Mick Kirkman

My hose got pulled off the feed unit a couple of times on overgrown trails, so use plenty of zip-ties on the cage, mech knuckle and chainstay.

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At 244g (filled), the system’s weight will eat into some of that claimed efficiency boost. Also, most modern lubes are tenacious enough that they don’t need constant refreshing, and if they do, you can carry a small lube sample with you and achieve similar results for a fraction of the price and weight.

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