Joe’s No Flats Road Dry Nano Lube review

Slippery lubricant for dry road use

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
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Joe’s No Flats Road Dry Nano Lube 100ml

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Dark coloured lube that makes drivetrains run smooth and quietly
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Joe’s No Flats Road Dry Nano Lube made our drivetrain run smooth and nearly silent, but we found that it’s a bit thin to use for long distance rides.


The ‘Nano’ part of the name review refers to ‘nanoparticles’, a term often thrown around by marketing managers. In the context of chain lube, it means small flecks that are meant to fill the voids in a bike chain and act as ‘micro ball bearings’ helping to reduce friction.

Although we cannot confirm whether or not the nanoparticles do indeed act as micro ball bearings, we can say that that the Road Dry Nano Lube worked effectively.

After years of applying white and clear chain lubricants, the dark colour of the Nano Lube caught us off guard. But, we are pleased to report that it didn’t change the colour of our chain.

It takes a good shake to arouse the nanoparticles from the bottom of the 100ml bottle, but it’s aided by a shaker ball, like would find in a spraypaint can. The lube drips out nicely and is not too thick, and it penetrates the chain rollers well.

We didn’t have the chance to ride in the wet during testing, but in dry conditions the durability of this lube is up to the standard you would expect of other premium dry lubes. After 90km our chain did pick up some dirt and grime and started to feel less smooth, however the drivetrain still ran extremely quietly.


We did notice a small build up of road gunk on jockey wheels and chainrings, but no more than is common with thin dry lubes.

Product Specifications


Name Road Dry Nano Lube 100ml
Brand Joe's No Flats

Lubricant Included Yes
Volume 100
Lubricant Type Liquid