Tri-Flow Red Grease review

Waterproof grease in a can

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

Our review

High quality multi-purpose grease that’s easily dispensed
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Grease usually comes in a tube, tub or syringe – but rarely is it an aerosol can. Tri-Flow Red Grease is different: a waterproof grease that features its own dispensing nozzle.


The Red Grease is thick and perfectly suited to bearings, stopping annoying creaks or just preventing corrosion. Its waterproof, heat resistant, sticky nature means it will last well and the rich red colour is easy to spot for contamination.

Grease is dispensed by pushing the nozzle sideways, or at an angle. Here the grease, backed by pressure from the can comes out in a generous sized bead that holds together due to its sticky consistency. This can all be achieved with just one hand.


At times, we found the nozzle hard to control when we wanted tiny amounts of grease and a careful touch is required. It’s not cheap, but considering the quantity and the built-in applicator nozzle, Tri-Flow’s Red Grease is suitable for the busy home mechanic.

Product Specifications


Name Red Grease
Brand Tri-Flow

Weight (g) 177