Finish Line Chill Zone review

Rust destroying, part saving spray

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
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Finish Line Chill Zone:

Our review

Chill Zone will likely save the day against seized threads and rusted parts
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Ever had a pedal, seatpost or old derailleur that wouldn’t move or unthread? It’s these frustrating times that Finish Line’s new Chill Zone was created for. We found it brought life back to rusted derailleurs and enabled us to free seized bolts.


Finish Line explain how Chill Zone works: “A special refrigerant propellant freezes metal as low as -45°C (-50°F). This causes contraction of the metal and creates micro-cracks in the rust. A penetrating release agent then breaks down the rust and flushes it out.”

If you like to keep your bike in perfect condition, with all bolts greased and derailleur pivots lubed, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need Chill Zone. But it’s brilliant for working with older, neglected bikes.

We found ourselves an abused mountain bike with a seized front derailleur. At first we used standard WD-40 and then a Teflon penetrating oil, both without success. Lastly, we hit it with Chill Zone, and within five minutes the derailleur was shifting like new and has remained so ever since.

Chill Zone was also great for rusted SPD cleat bolts, which if ignored, can be tricky to remove without rounding the bolt.

We must admit that having worked in bike workshops, we’ve used similar products from automotive suppliers. Giving away trade secrets, some mechanics affectionately referred to it as “service in a can”. But Chill Zone is far easier to source and is surprisingly cheaper. Next time you come across a rusted over part or stuck thread, Chill Zone should be first on your list.


We tested the 12oz (360ml) can. Chill Zone is also available in a smaller 6oz (180ml) size for US$9.99/£7.99.

Product Specifications


Name Chill Zone
Brand Finish-Line

Weight (g) 315
Volume 360
Non-Evaporating Formula Yes