Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant review

An old favourite multi-purpose oil

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Penetrating power with Teflon slickness, Tri-Flow's Superior Lubricant is a classic
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Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant is a true classic among bicycle mechanics. For years, its thin consistency and slippery Teflon has been used to free-up stuck parts, bring life back to cables and lube chains. Where many newer lubes make claims of reduced friction, cleaner running or greater longevity, Tri-Flow remains a simple, yet great multi-purpose oil.


As a chain lube, the thin oil does a great job of creating a smooth and light feeling chain. It’s a dry lube in that it won’t last long under heavy rain or creek crossings, but it’s an oil so it will attract some dirt. A consistent application of Tri-Flow without a cleaning regime will soon lead to a black greasy build up on the drivetrain and so it’s not a perfect choice for riders who like to ‘re-apply and go’.

While we believe there are better chain lubes on the market today, Tri-Flow remains in the top spot on our work bench and is our go-to oil for everything else. For lubricating cables, derailleur pivots and pulley wheels – Tri-Flow’s ability to penetrate and loosen parts is hard to beat.

The Superior Lubricant is available in a drip bottle with a handy applicator tube or an aerosol spray (multiple sizes are available in each). We’ve always used the drip bottle but had the chance to test the aerosol. We’re opposed to aerosol lubes for the chain as we find they mean that the lube always finds its way onto braking surfaces, but for other uses such as lubricating shifter internals, the aerosol was handy.


Starting at US$5.99 / AU$9.95 for a 2oz (60ml) drip bottle, Tri-Flow is very worthy of any home or pro mechanic’s toolbox.

Product Specifications


Name Superior Lubricant
Brand Tri-Flow

Initial Boiling Point 475
Volume 60
Environmentally Safe No
Non-Evaporating Formula Yes