Airace Veloce AE floor pump review

High-pressure track pump

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Our review

For all but the most discerning mountain biker, the Airace is a great-value pump with a construction that’s built to last

A floor pump (AKA track pump) is a must-have accessory for any committed cyclist; while they can be bought cheaply, higher-priced options are expected to offer more efficient pumping and last longer. The Airace Veloce AE isn’t overly expensive, but it does offer high-end features and solid construction.


With a maximum pressure of a massive 240psi, the gauge increments don’t allow for accurate pressure setting. This isn’t an issue when pumping your road tyres to 110psi, but creates an impossible task when trying to find the balance between 23 and 25psi on your mountain bike. With the large gauge at the base of the 68cm length pump, it can be hard to read depending on the light.

The wide metal base and barrel give a solid and well-weighted footprint that doesn’t topple or flex under hard pumping. Air volume output is decent, but not class leading, with a 700x23c tyre taking 19 strokes to inflate to 100psi. At this pressure, pumping is still a breeze with minimal resistance felt.

Helping make lighter work is a large, ergonomically shaped plastic handle with rubberized texture for a comfortable grip. A generous hose length enables you to inflate with the bike mounted in a workstand.

The ‘twin valve’ flip style chuck simply threads in without tools, choose the appropriate side to suit your valve :
Colin Levitch / Future Publishing

The ‘twin valve’ head is easily swapped without tools

The head features a unique ‘twin valve’ flip style chuck that must be rotated between Schrader and Presta valves. While a little slow to make the switch, it works well and creates a reliable seal on both valve types.

We also found it locked onto short, stubborn Presta valves more reliably compared with more common ‘smart-head’ style pumps. Unfortunately the locking-lever of the head quickly developed play, though nothing that affects the function – the only flaw of the otherwise ‘built to last’ construction.


Note: The Airace Veloce AE is sold in Australia exclusively through Reid Cycles at a relatively bargain price, boosting the score by an extra half a star.