SKS Rennkompressor 50th Anniversary review

Design classic gets a numbered plaque and leather handle cover

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
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The SKS Rennkompressor 50th Anniversary track pump

Our review

Track pumps come and go, but there will always be the SKS
Buy if, You're looking for a reliable track pump that will likely last another 50 years
Pros: Classic high quality, durable design
Cons: Pressure gauge is a little small
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So much of the world we live in has changed since 1966. The England football team has never looked like repeating its only World Cup win, man has landed on the moon, found the Titanic, and cars can now drive themselves. Throughout five decades of human upheaval and progression, the SKS Rennkompressor track pump has been a constant presence.


Many a bike shop, shed or car park has been populated by the sound of the daddy of all track pumps, and for many years it was one of the only available options, partly because most couldn’t see how it could be bettered.

This anniversary special has been painted in the original SKS red used back in 1966, and looks otherwise like every version that’s gone before it.

The weighty cast iron base, and wide fold-up feet help stability, and save space when transporting it, although it weighs 2.27kg. Its slim 30mm diameter steel barrel looks very slender alongside most modern options, and at 55cm, it’s shorter than many. There’s a long 125cm tough rubber hose tipped with a Presta-only brass push-on head that’s held on by a Jubilee clip, and the solid turned wooden handle is fixed by a large nut. Most parts can be easily replaced, ensuring SKS track pumps soldier on for many years.

The pressure gauge measures up to 240psi/16bar, and is clear, if a little small, down at ground level. Inflating a 25mm tyre to an indicated 100psi takes 30 very positive strokes, each producing the Rennkompressor’s trademark sound, as the nut beneath the handle contacts the steel spring above the barrel.


To celebrate the Golden Anniversary, SKS created this limited edition version, each fitted with a numbered plaque and embossed leather handle cover with a steel wall-hanging eyelet, with the only irony being that it’s so bombproof it will probably still be going strong at the 75th anniversary.

Product Specifications


Name Rennkompressor 50th Anniversary
Brand SKS

Hose Length 125