Birzman Zacoo Macht shock pump review

Take-along suspension pump

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £35.00 RRP | AUD $75.00 | USD $50.00

Our review

The Zacoo Macht is a compact and reliably effective shock pump to take along on rides or as an inclusion in a portable tool kit
Buy if, You need a compact shock pump for travel or mid-ride use
Pros: Compact size, simple gauge, solid metal construction
Cons: Doesn't fold, solely a shock pump
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Few look past the shock pump that came with their bike. However, those who like to fiddle with pressures on the trail will likely seek something a little more compact.


The market provides a small handful of compact shock pump options, with Birzman one of the few to offer a fully featured pump in a paltry size – the Zacoo Macht. We recently tested the cute Zacoo Macht along with 10 other suspension shock pumps and the Birzman came out on top among the compact options. 

The birzman zacoo macht isn’t any shorter than a ‘normal’ shock pump, but it’s far lighter and more compact:

The Birzman Zacoo Macht compared with a standard FOX shock pump (top)

Sitting at 240mm long, the shiny Zacoo Macht is similar in length to a standard Fox or RockShox shock pump. However, it’s the 84g weight that’s the real story, saving 124g over the common suspension brand pumps.

Made mostly of CNCed alloy, the pump offers a quality and solid feel in hand and has proven durable over the past few months of use.

At 1in / 25mm in diameter, the gauge reads to 300psi, but its diminutive size certainly requires a careful and close look. It’s generally thought that the best way to ensure gauge accuracy is just use the same pump every time. That said, this little gauge read close to accurate, clocking in at 155psi to an actual verified 160psi.

A bleed button is countersunk into the back of the gauge – accidental release isn’t an issue with this pump :

The bleed button is kept out of the way

Behind the gauge (that doubles as a handle) sits a countersunk bleed button. It’s easy to control the release and hard to accidentally push – something we can’t say the same for with the pumps that come stock with just about every brand of bike/suspension.

Also found on many other Birzman pumps is the ‘Air-Lock’ valve, this is designed to prevent unwanted air loss from leaving the Schrader valve while connecting/disconnecting. Most shock pumps on the market are designed to do this, but Birzman’s design is perhaps that little more refined and does as claimed.

In the name of simplicity, the high-pressure rubber hose doesn’t swivel and is kept short. This may result in fitment issues with some rear shocks where valve access is tight, although we’re yet to find such an example during our testing.


Pumping a rear shock to 160psi, the Zacoo Macht took a tiring 208 strokes, but got there without any difficulty or force. Compare this to the 116 strokes from a standard Fox/RockShox pump, and it’s certainly a pump best used to adjust suspension on the move, rather than inflating it from scratch.

Product Specifications


Name Zacoo Macht shock pump
Brand Birzman

Weight (g) 84
Tool Material Aluminium
Available Colours Silver
Dimensions 25 x 240 x 30
Case Included No
Locking Handle No
Max Inflation Range 300
Rotating Hose No
Connector type Schraeder
Anti-Air Loss Shock Valve Yes
Hose Length 4.8