Topeak PocketShock DXG shock pump review

Small, accurate and great value

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £28.00 RRP | AUD $70.00 | USD $46.00

Our review

Small size and light weight don’t mean a compromise on quality
Buy if, You want a shock pump with a dial gauge to use at home and on the trail
Pros: Easy to read gauge, compact, low weight, good value
Cons: Easy to accidentally push air release button
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This small, impressively light shock pump is still good for 300psi, so it’s a near perfect option for those wanting just one shock pump for home and trail use.


The Topeak DXG is lighter and with more features than common generic options. In a feature copied by others, the Topeak uses a ‘Pressure-Rite’ connector for separate valve attachment and needle engagement. With this, the pump’s head is threaded onto the outside of the shock’s air valve. From here, a second lockring is tightened, which in turn compresses the valve’s pin. It’s a little more fiddly, but the connection it creates is perfectly solid and it ensures against accidental air loss on removal.

The dxg’s large gauge is easy to read : the dxg’s large gauge is easy to read

Large and magnified, we wish more gauges were like this

When pumped to a verified 160psi, the large gauge on this pump recorded a respectably close 154psi. It took 131 strokes to get to an actual 160psi, which is just a few more than what a larger and heavier generic Fox or RockShox pump requires.

The long rotating hose is a nice touch and means you can keep the gauge in easy sight, even when the shock’s valve placement is trying to tell you otherwise.

Given it weighs in at a portable 176g and offers a easily read gauge that sits close to absolutely accuracy, the PocketShock DXG is a top choice if you’re seeking dial-gauge shock pump. Our only major gripe is with the placement of the bleed valve, which can be accidentallly pressed.


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Product Specifications


Name DXG pocket shock pump
Brand Topeak

Weight (g) 176
Case Included No
Locking Handle Yes
Max Inflation Range 300
Rotating Hose Yes
Connector type Schraeder
Anti-Air Loss Shock Valve Yes
Hose Length 14.5