Full Windsor The Nutter tool review

Simple, but how effective is it?

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Full Windsor The Nutter tool

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Great looks and well made but not the most practical tool
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The Nutter is an interesting concept: a multi-tool based around a long, metal, plastic-tipped tyre lever. The other end has a 15mm enclosed spanner, for wheel nuts, a spoke key and bottle opener. The tool bits slot into the end of the lever. It has 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm Allen key bits, a Torx T25, flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers and a tool-bit extender.


There’s little that can go wrong with the Nutter. But the tool bits could fit more snugly into the lever, and the extender’s magnet came unstuck – though this had little impact on its use.

Sections of inner tube are stitched inside the leather tool wrap to hold the lever and tool bits, with the external wraparound leather straps secured using Velcro. These neatly fit through the tabs on the back of a Brooks saddle.


Using the tool-bit extender, there’s a bit of a wiggle before bolts turn. The design also means that in tricky-to-access areas, it can be hard to make more than a quarter turn at a time. Its length means you can apply plenty of torque, so take care when using it. And accessing the pouch can be a faff, as the straps flip back, the Velcro re-attaching itself while you’re trying to open it up.

Product Specifications


Name The Nutter (14)
Brand Full Windsor