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Stan’s NoTubes DART tubeless repair kit review

Puncture repair for tubeless tyres

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £25.00 RRP | USD $25.00
Stan’s NoTubes DART tubeless tyre repair kit

Our review

Not infallible, but still an effective, easy-to-use and lightweight way to rescue punctured rides
Pros: Lightweight, effective puncture repair system
Cons: High initial cost; works best with Stan’s-style sealants, limiting your options
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A punctured tubeless tyre that won’t seal with sealant alone could cost you £60 or more to replace, so a repair kit such as this DART tubeless repair kit from Stan’s NoTubes is a worthwhile investment.


The DART tool holds a pair of feathered ‘darts’. You have to push one of these through the puncture and it then remains in place once the tool is removed. This gives a broader, more textured surface for the sealant to act around, to help it repair bigger holes.

The darts also have a treatment designed to react to Stan’s sealant (and therefore Schwalbe’s rebadged Doc Blue too) to further aid coagulation.

I sealed punctures successfully with Muc-Off and Effetto Mariposa’s sealants too. The tool is light, and has plastic caps to protect the darts while in your pack.

Jabbing the tyre is easy, thanks to the narrow point of the dart – no need to open the hole out wider here.

I found it effective on all but the largest of cuts (where doubling up on darts can help, if you have enough) and holes right by the rim (which it struggled to seal, but did at least help me finish my ride, with a couple of top-ups).

The DART kit looks pricey, with only two darts included, but refill packs with five darts are £20 and £4 per use seems reasonable to save £60 worth of rubber.


We also took a quick look at the kit at Eurobike last year if you want to see it in action…

Product Specifications


Price GBP £25.00USD $25.00
Brand Stan's notubes