Ritchey Multi-Torqkey review

Preset, low-cost torque tool

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A classic torque tool receives a significant upgrade
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Ritchey have replaced their popular low-cost Torqkey with the Multi-Torqkey, offering a greater range of options for getting the torque right on your bolts.


The Multi-Torqkey is a small handheld tool that clicks out once the preset torque is reached. It comes with two preset torques, 4Nm or 5Nm, which is important because different brands of stems, frames, seatposts and other delicate items require different settings. Although there are only two options, in our experience bolts most in need of accurate tightening fall under the tool’s capabilities.

The 4Nm version includes 3mm and 4mm hex bits and a T20 Torx bit. The 5Nm version is more universal, including 3mm, 4mm and 5mm hex bits and a T20 Torx bit. Assuming the preset torque is suitable, the Multi-Torqkey uses common 1/4in tool bits – so could be adapted to work across the bike.

We loved being able to change the bit size with the new Multi-Torqkey. However, oily hands made interchanging sizes a chore, and we found that a careful approach was needed when using the tool: it’s possible to keep overtightening the bolt after the click is felt and heard. The size of the tool doesn’t afford much leverage – but nor does it need to, clicking out before the hand fatigues.

For professional use, we still believe the preset torque key from Snap-On CDI offers a more refined option. However, at just US$19.90/£18 including bits, the Ritchey Multi-Torqkey will continue to be a great asset to any toolbox.

The ritchey multi-torqkey is small and easy to use one-handed: the ritchey multi-torqkey is small and easy to use one-handed
David Rome/Future Publishing

The Ritchey Multi-Torqkey is small and easy to use one-handed


Note: If you don’t own or use a torque wrench, have a read of our article on why torque wrenches are invaluable. It could just make the difference between a safe ride and a very expensive mistake.

Product Specifications


Name Multi-Torqkey
Brand Ritchey

Weight (g) 54