VAR RP42500 tyre tool review

Easy tyre fitting

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VAR RP42500 tyre tool

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If you ever struggle to fit tyres, you need this tool
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To prevent pinching inner tubes it’s best to refit road tyres solely by hand, but some are very tight to get on the rim. There are tricks, such as using toe straps to hold the tyre on the rim as you work on another section, or using a lubricant like chalk dust or KY Jelly (it’s not oil based) on the bead of the tyre.


Or there’s this fibreglass-reinforced plastic tool. You use it to remove tyres the usual way, with the normal-looking lever and the apex of the two-legged lever. It’s the refitting that’s clever. You fit the tyre manually until you’re left with a straight section of tyre bead, then you put the hooked leg of the tool under this bead and clip the other leg to the rim on the far side.


Press firmly and the tool levers the bead into place. If you need to, you can work along the tyre like this. It’s brilliant – much more effective on tight tyres than a CrankBrothers Speed-Lever – and at 135x22x22mm and 45g, it’s easily portable too.

Product Specifications


Name RP42500 tyre tool (11)
Brand VAR Tools

Weight (g) 45
Features 135x22x22mm