Tacx T3000 review

Simple workstand

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £59.99 RRP | USD $107.98
Tacx T3000 Workstand

Our review

Great-value home workstand for straightforward servicing
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The Tacx T3000 doesn’t have multiple adjustments, doesn’t fold completely flat and, because of its relatively narrow footprint, definitely isn’t happy in lumpy fields. Oh, and you’ll spend 15 minutes putting it together out of the box.


That’s all the downsides out of the way. What this workstand does in the privacy of your own garage is fold out in seconds to a rock-solid unit.

That done, you simply plonk your bike’s bottom bracket into position and the clamp goes round the down tube. Even your little sister could do it (with apologies to wrench-tastic little sisters everywhere). 

Another bonus with the Tacx is that you can work on both sides of the bike while it’s on the stand without taking it off and switching it round.

The only fiddle with the clamp is if you run a bottle cage or bolt-on Crudcatcher mudguard, as it’s best to take them off first. 

The unit is well made, the clamp has a rubberized finish to protect valuable paint jobs and there’s even a little fold-out tray, which looks basic but is incredibly useful.


Plus – and this is the biggest plus we can think of – it’s only 60 quid! Sure, it doesn’t travel too well, although it’ll set up fine in a car park. For home use, though – and if you know the scope of your running repairs and maintenance won’t require fancy angles – it does the job well and saves you a great deal of money over more sophisticated models.

Product Specifications


Name T3000 Workstand
Brand Tacx

Description This is the assembly stand for quick maintenance. comes with hinged support brackets that enable the entire bike to tilt forward. Tinkering with the fork and handlebars is easy. The stand comes with an adjustable sliding assembly tray, with raised edge and front-wheel guides to keep the handlebars from flipping over. Plastic parts prevent paint damage to the frame. Suitable for all types of bikes. Easy to use. Stores away when not in use.
Weight (kg) 7.6
Dimensions Folded Height: 118cm. Extended Height 118cm
Folding Yes