Met Inferno UL helmet – in brief review

Lightweight and fully in-moulded

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £99.99 RRP | AUD $189.99 | USD $169.99
Met Inferno UL helmet

Our review

Looks great and the Safe-T Smart system works well too
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The Met Inferno UL helmet has a fetching red, green and white colourway, which we rather like – there’s no hiding Met’s Italian heritage here!

UL stands for UltimaLite, and with a weight of 242g, this lid lives up to the name.

While its ventilation doesn’t make it stand out from the crowd, its finish and quality do. The Inferno is fully in-moulded, it should withstand plenty of day to day abuse, and the straps, padding and Safe-T Smart retention system are all well put together.


The retention system’s circumference can be adjusted easily with one hand, although vertical adjustment is a little trickier, and fit-wise the shape is relatively ovalised.

Product Specifications


Name Inferno UL (14)
Brand MET

Weight (g) 242
No of Vents 23