Morningstar Tools Rim ‘Rench review

Pull dents out of your battered rims

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5.0 out of 5 star rating 5.0
USD $16.00

Our review

Well-designed tool to pull dents out of your battered rims
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Wonderfully elegant with a well-designed shape that’s almost perfectly contoured to the cross-section of a rim, the Morningstar Tools Rim ‘Rench is the best option we’ve found for pulling pesky dents out of alloy clincher rims. 


While the good old adjustable wrench gets the job done, we were able to restore even badly dented rims back to a surprisingly good condition with almost no visual evidence after the fact. For those of you still on rim brakes, this means no annoying pulsing when slowing down on a repaired rim, either.

The Rim ‘Rench’s key attribute seems to be its elongated lever arm, which braces itself against the rim further down than usual. Aluminum construction is easier on alloy rims than typical tool steel, too.


Simply put, the Rim ‘Rench works, and works well. Trail riders who regularly encounter rocky terrain will almost invariably suffer rim dents at some point and at just US$16, this is an excellent way to keep your rims in good working order.

Product Specifications


Name Rim 'Rench (11)
Brand Morningstar Tools