BBB DashBoard BCP-05 cycle computer – in brief review

Simple but effective wired setup

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £13.95 RRP | AUD $29.99
BBB DashBoard BCP-05 cycle computer

Our review

Not fancy, but easy to use, and it makes it easy to track your ride. Bargain price too.
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BBB’s simple wired seven-fuction computer is all you really need to keep track of your ride, at a bargain price.


The wired fork sensor needs a bit more time to get the wires wrapped safely round the brake hose or fork leg, which isn’t necessary with a wireless setup, but at least connection is guaranteed.

The O-ring head mount can be used on bars or unscrewed and turned around for use on short stems. The sensor is slotted to work with flat or round spokes too, so you’re getting a proper universal fit.

The two-line display makes it easy to see the seven data options and the single-button scrolling is easy even with winter gloves. The casing is waterproof too – a definite bonus in the UK.


There’s a 10-function version (DashBoard BCP-06) for £16.95 or a wireless 10-function version for £31.95 (DashBoard BCP-15W).

Product Specifications


Name DashBoard BCP-05 (14)
Brand BBB Cycling

Description Screen Size: 31x32mm
Weight (g) 53
Dimensions 52x40mm
Wireless No