Bryton Cardio 60R GPS watch review

Handy and intuitive device

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £260.00 RRP
Bryton Cardio 60R GPS watch

Our review

Pricey but worth considering if you’re serious about keeping tabs on your rides and don’t like bar-mounted units
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If you’re not a fan of strapping a GPS unit to your bar, then this GPS watch from Bryton is worth a look. It’s extremely intuitive to use, with menus that are clear and easy to navigate, and it doesn’t take long to customise the screen so you get the ride data you’re after, including speed, distance, time and heart rate, among others.


The big OK/Lap button is easy to find when riding, taking a lot of faff out of proceedings when you want to start or stop things. There’s also a useful vibrate mode that means you don’t need to constantly check your wrist to find out what’s going on. For those serious about training, the heart rate monitor provides useful on-the-go readouts so you can keep tabs on what your ticker is up to too.

Uploading your ride to the Bryton Bridge 2 website is relatively straighforward and it’s easy to analyse everything from your route map to the number of calories you’ve burned, while uploading to Strava just takes the click of a button. To top things off, our test sample has shrugged off a couple of crashes and taken some proper soakings without issue too. You do need to be patient when locating a satellite signal though.


In the UK, the full package costs £260, including the heart rate monitor and bar mount, or you can buy a pared down version for £40 less.

Product Specifications


Name Cardio 60R GPS watch (15)
Brand Bryton

Description Data displayed includs speed, distance, time and heart rate.