Lezyne Super GPS review

Lezyne’s feature-rich GPS gets a facelift

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £130.00 RRP | AUD $220.00 | USD $150.00
Lezyne's Enhanced Super GPS

Our review

It’s not as slick as the competition, but the Enhanced Super is a lot of GPS for the money
Buy if, You're looking for a cycling GPS with plenty of features at a good price
Pros: Value, on-the-go navigation, connectivity
Cons: Dated design, tall mount, occasional freeze-ups
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Best known for posh pumps, lights and tools, Lezyne has gone from nought to 60 in the blink of an eye with its range of GPS devices in the last couple of years, releasing a bewildering array of models. After releasing the Super GPS, and seemingly before the ink had dried, Lezyne released an Enhanced version of the unit with improved functionality and tweaked aesthetics.


Although it’s not the most expensive unit in the range (that honour goes to the colour screen-equipped Micro C GPS), the Super is the model with the most features, and the big news is that the updated version includes turn-by-turn navigation and supports Strava Live Segments (for Strava Premium users only), in conjunction with the Lezyne GPS Ally app.

The amount of functionality for the price is impressive

The Enhanced Super’s case measures roughly 70mm long by 48mm wide including buttons, and stands a full 34mm proud of your stem or bar. Along with the rather dated design of the case and screen, and the fussy flap on the charging port, it’s the one aspect of the Super GPS we don’t really like; although Lezyne has moved on from the iPhone 4 styling of the original Super, the aesthetics and overall bulk of the unit still feel a generation older than competing units from Garmin.

Mounted on your stem, the Enhanced Super GPS does rather stand out.

That aside, there’s a lot to like. The 45-degree X-Lock mount is more secure than Garmin’s, and the wealth of data on offer is impressive. You can have up to five pages of it with up to four fields on each, with every metric imaginable available.

For an extra £70 the Enhanced Super comes bundled with a heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor, and of course it’s compatible with ANT+ power meters too.

The Enhanced Super’s user interface is fairly intuitive and the screen is clearly legible, although it fares less well at extreme viewing angles. Over a couple of months of use it seemed to achieve something close to its maximum battery life of around 24 hours and it behaved consistently apart from two freeze-ups, which were cleared with a simple hard reset.

I still think Lezyne could clean up the design a bit and improve the device’s general packaging, but the amount of functionality for the price is impressive.

Lezyne GPS Ally app

Central to the Enhanced Super GPS’s upgraded functionality is the Lezyne GPS Ally smartphone app.

Available for iOS and Android (I tested the latter), GPS Ally connects to your GPS unit using Bluetooth and acts as your input for navigation.

Want to find a new route halfway through your ride? Simply plug the destination in to the app, then cycle through the options and select the one you want. Directions are displayed on the GPS turn-by-turn along with a breadcrumb trail and they include street names so are reasonably easy to follow.

GPS Ally also offers push notifications for calls, texts and emails, which sounds incredibly annoying but is useful if you’re expecting something important or need to be on call.


At the time of writing other types of notification were not available, but Lezyne intends to expand the functionality to include, for example, messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Product Specifications


Name Enhanced Super GPS
Brand Lezyne

Cycle Computer Functions GPS