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Sigma ROX 11.1 Evo review

Diminutive bike computer with plenty of data

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £170.00 RRP
Data screen on the Sigma ROX 11.1 Evo bike computer

Our review

The combination of app and screen options ensures the Sigma ROX 11.1 Evo offers an outstanding user experience
Pros: Packs in a lot of tech for such a small unit; simple, colour-coded screen; wide range of customisable data; user-friendly app
Cons: No touchscreen; screen size on the small side; basic navigation
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The Sigma ROX 11.1 Evo has been designed to major on training functionality, complemented by GPS navigation that works in conjunction with Komoot and its own Sigma Ride app.

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The unit has a 1.77in display screen, which is small enough to sit unobtrusively on your handlebar, but the little machine still packs in more than 150 operations, including an emergency crash-notification feature.

There’s no touchscreen, so you control and access modes via four buttons on each side.

Sigma ROX 11.1 Evo setup and data

Setup is easy via the Sigma app.
Russell Burton / Our Media

The computer can pair with compatible ebike and e-gear sensors, as well as working on non-assisted bikes, and you can set up screens manually or using the app. I’d recommend the latter.

The format is very clean and enables you to prioritise the data that’s important to you (for example, speed, distance and time) on the screen.

You can then go a step further by highlighting your most-used stats in up to eight different colours and playing with their size on the screen to make it even easier to keep an eye on your numbers on the fly.

The Sigma ROX 11.1 Evo uses a simple quarter-turn mount.
Russell Burton / Our Media

I’ve typically pared back the information available on-screen at any one time to ‘need-to-know’ only because I find it more pleasing to both read and use, plus switching between screens to access additional data is easy.

If, like me, you mix up your ride disciplines, you can also save up to 20 profiles. For example, I have this computer set up for road bikes, gravel bikes and mountain bikes, so I can record stats easily, whichever bike I’m on that day.

Create different profiles for all your bikes and use colour blocking to help you see key info at a glance.
Russell Burton / Our Media

I have only one gripe: the pop-ups that appear, for example when signal is lost or the ride has paused, obscure the bottom of the display.

That aside, and in keeping with the clarity of the display, the Sigma Ride app has an exceptionally good layout that makes it simple to review ride statistics. I’d go as far as to say it’s the best I’ve used.

The small machine sits unobtrusively on the bar and side-access buttons are easy to operate while on the move.
Russell Burton / Our Media

In addition, every ride generates a Sigma Performance Index (SPI) score. This is a combination of miles, metres climbed and average speed.

It gives you an at-a-glance comparison of different routes, or even the same route on different days that enables you to see quickly where you’re making performance gains.

Sigma ROX 11.1 Evo mapping and navigation

Navigation comes in the form of a breadcrumb trail with direction arrows.
Russell Burton / Our Media

Mapping is via routes uploaded from Komoot or OpenStreetMap (OSM) via the app. The sync with Komoot is automatic and, in my experience during testing, instantaneous.

The display shows a breadcrumb trail with direction arrows, which I’ve been happy with on the road and most gravel routes, but off-road there were times when I needed to refer to the in-app map.

If you want detailed mapping and navigation, this isn’t the computer to buy, but that’s not what it’s ultimately designed for.

Sigma ROX 11.1 Evo bottom line

Mapping and navigation details aren’t the most in-depth, but this is an excellent bike computer.
Russell Burton / Our Media

While Sigma may not be as well known as the likes of Wahoo and Garmin when it comes to the best bike computers, the ROX 11.1 Evo is an excellent unit for cyclists who want to combine a user-friendly interface with riding and training data.

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While there are better options out there for mapping, for this computer’s intended use, the limited navigational functionality isn’t a deal breaker. That one negative is easily outweighed by the ROX 11.1 Evo’s small size, wide range of data and simplicity to use.

Product Specifications


Price br_price, 5, 3, Price, GBP £170.00
Weight br_weight, 5, 6, Weight, 55g – given by Sigma, Array, g
Brand br_brand, 5, 10, Brand, Sigma


Battery life br_batteryLife, 11, 0, Battery life, 18hrs (given by Sigma)
Dimensions br_dimensions, 11, 0, Dimensions, 46.8 x 66.1 x 20.8 mm
Display resolution br_displayResolution, 11, 0, Display resolution, 128 x 160
Screen dimensions br_screenDimensions, 11, 0, Screen dimensions, 1.77"
Smartphone Notifications br_smartphoneNotifications, 11, 0, Smartphone Notifications, Yes
Water resistance br_waterResistance, 11, 0, Water resistance, IP67