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See what training the Future teams get up to

Here at BikeRadar Training we’ve just enabled the discussion and photo functions for all our fan groups. This means you’ll now be able to join the various groups and share your training, photos and thoughts with others.


To check out the groups on offer, just navigate to the Groups tab on the site.

We have two rival BikeRadar groups, one for our US team and the other for our UK staff – all rivalry with a sense of fun, of course! Depending on your alliances, join the relevant group and get to see what global editor and TT fanatic Jeff Jones is up to, and how US editor-in-chief Ben Delaney compares…

See what training our editor Jeff Jones has been doing to go for TT success…
See what training our editor gets up to!:
…and how he compares with US editor-in-chief Ben Delaney
Join a fan group today:

We have fan groups set up for all our sister publications, too. So you can show your dedication to Mountain Biking UK, keep up to date with Cycling Plus editor Rob Spedding’s training, follow the Procycling team and copy deputy editor Jamie Wilkins’ workouts. Or you can keep up with the What Mountain Bike team to see what they’re up to.

Do you have ideas for groups you’d like to see? Post them in the comments area below and we’ll see what we can do…


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