Y-cam Evo network surveillance camera review

Home security solution means you can keep an eye on your bike wherever you are

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5.0 out of 5 star rating 5.0
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Our review

A fit-and-forget solution to keep a watchful eye over your pride and joy
Buy if, You're concerned about the security of your bike and have a WiFi connection and power outlet nearby
Pros: Movement detection makes for quick captures and mobile alerts; so small it can hardly be noticed; live stream available to access within seconds; great mobile app; crisp recordings with sound
Cons: The mobile app is sometimes laggy when accessing the live stream; night-time recording quality is so-so
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The Y-Cam Evo is an indoor mobile surveillance solution that’s perfect for those with expensive bikes in their shed or garage, though you’ll have to make sure there’s a power source and internet connection nearby.


The whole thing is smaller than a pack of cigarettes and — thanks to an in-built stand — can be quickly configured to hang from a wall or stand on a shelf.

Thanks to an intuitive app, the Y-Cam Evo can be looking over your bikes within minutes, and played nicely right away with my WiFi router. Its motion detection technology guarantees that only what’s necessary is captured and what is recorded is instantly uploaded to The Cloud.

The 100-degree lens means you’ll be able to see the majority of the camera’s surroundings
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media
The wide lens captures 100 degrees of view, which is enough to see the majority of even the most confined spaces. The recordings themselves are captured in clear 720p and even include sound.

Night time visibility is rated at up to 8m too, so there’s no problem if your shed or garage isn’t illuminated, but as you’d expect the footage quality does suffer significantly in such conditions.

Any recorded clips will remain accessible via the excellent Y-Cam app for a week free of charge and can be downloaded via the app’s activity log. For those with a larger space, it’s also possible to link up to four cameras to the app.

If the Y-Cam detects movement it can be configured to prompt a notification on your mobile phone, meaning you’ll be aware of an issue within moments of it being detected.

I did have a few false alarms thanks to an active moth in our garage, but that’s testament to the Y-Cam’s sensitivity, which can be also be adjusted through the app.

This screenshot displays the app’s ability to run up to four cameras (L) while recordings are stored in chronological order and saved for a week (R)
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

My only other quibble with this camera was the lag it sometimes had when connecting to its live stream, which sometimes took up to 20 seconds. Should your internet connection drop or power supply drop out, the Evo is smart enough to reconnect itself as soon as the problem is resolved however.

Y-cam test footage

The recording above demonstrates the Y-cam’s ability to quickly adapt to different lighting as well as its ability to record sound

The adjustable motion detector is so sensitive that it can even pick up the occasional insect!

Product Specifications


Name Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security Camera
Brand Y-cam