K-Edge Garmin Pro Handlebar Mount XL review£32.99

CNC-machined aluminium holder puts Garmin Edge 1000 flush with stem

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While Garmin has established dominance in a couple of categories, computer mounts is not one of them. A few smaller companies, such as K-Edge, have seized the opportunity, moving in with the better solutions than Garmin's stock options.

The K-Edge Garmin Pro Handlebar Mount XL is a CNC-machined aluminium mount designed for the new Garmin Edge 1000. Where the stock Garmin mount puts the Edge 1000 slightly above the stem, the K-Edge puts it out front, flush with the stem.

While the aluminium body and clamp of the K-Edge Handlebar Mount XL keeps the rather large Edge 1000 firmly in place – washboard dirt roads didn't cause it to sag or flop around – the polymer interface for the quarter-turn interlock mechanism is a bit softer. The Edge 1000 locks reassuringly into place with an audible and tactile click, but the polymer feels gentler than metal on the plastic backing of the Edge 1000. If past experience with other K-Edge mounts is any indication, this connection should last for years. In fact, the mount comes with a lifetime guarantee (barring crashes).

Yes, it's pricy, but K-Edge makes the most solid Garmin mounts out there.

With the realignment of two small bolts, the mount can be swapped to hold the Edge 1000 in landscape orientation instead of the typical vertical set-up.

Made in Boise, Idaho in the US, the K-Edge Handlebar Mount XL weighs 33g, making it 5g lighter than the stock Garmin option.

To give another stock Garmin comparison – our Garmin Edge 100 test unit's stock mount put the computer slightly at an angle. The computer's size certainly exacerbated this, but it reinforced the difference in precision with the K-Edge mount, which is dead straight.

Unlike the stock plastic garmin mount that puts the edge 1000 above the stem, the k-edge mount puts it flush, inline with the stem :
Unlike the stock plastic garmin mount that puts the edge 1000 above the stem, the k-edge mount puts it flush, inline with the stem :

The Handlebar Mount XL is a two-piece clamp; the bottom half clamps around a 31.8mm handlebar and onto the upper clamp that includes the arm mount with two 3mm bolts. With the bolts mounted from underneath, the rider only sees a smooth band from above.

The Handlebar Mount XL comes in red, black or silver. It works with any Edge computer with a quarter-turn mount design (such as the 810, 800, 510 or 500), but really the holder would look strange with a smaller computer like the 500 because it is so long.

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