Foffa SS Fixed review£350.00

A good looking singlespeed-come-fixed machine

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The SS Fixed is from Foffa, founded back in 2007. It features the same geometry as the all-chromed Foffa Premium model that we tested back in September 2016, the cost saving on that bike deriving from a slightly lower-spec build. 

Thankfully, the hi-ten cromoly steel frame retains the internally routed rear brake cable and nicely machined rear dropouts with integrated chain tugs (tensioners). Our large test bike tips the scales at a hefty 11.7kg, while the 589mm top tube is matched to a fairly low 140mm head tube and relaxed 72° head and 73° seat angles.

The long chainstays push the wheelbase out to 1,036mm. This all adds up to a bike that steers you into a long, low riding position. Despite that, it never feels twitchy. The skinny-tubed frame is neatly welded, and we love the sand-like finish to the metallic primer grey paint and understated graphics.

The bullhorn bar results in a low, but not uncomfortably so, position
The bullhorn bar results in a low, but not uncomfortably so, position

The 48/18 gearing provides a nice cruising ride, and one that’ll send you over most urban hills without grief. It’s a good gear for fixed riding, too, especially if you’re new to brakeless riding. The flip-flop (single or fixed) hub makes it easy to switch either way.

The SS runs on triple-walled, 40mm-deep rims and unbranded bolted cartridge-bearing hubs. These are flex free enough to absorb the knocks of urban potholes and bumps. The large-volume Kenda tyres aren’t exactly the fastest rubber around but the tread patterning elicits sufficient grip on the greasiest of roads.

The brakes are simple, unbranded dual-caliper units activated by top-mounted mini-levers. The feel is okay but they’re let down by the cheap moulded pads. Replace these with a set of metal-backed cartridge pads and you’ll enjoy significant gains straight away.

We'd swap in metal-backed cartridge pads for more stopping power
We'd swap in metal-backed cartridge pads for more stopping power

We particularly like the curvy supportive saddle, which pays homage to the classic San Marco Concor. Upfront, the bullhorn bar results in a low enough position to ride fast when needed, but not so low as to induce neck or lower-back woes on longer rides.

All in all the Foffa is a clean, good-looking singlespeed-come-fixed machine. The frame is simple but well finished, while the budgetary equipment does a job, bar those waxy, flexi cheap brake pads. At the price it’s a proficient everyday workhorse.



  • Frame: Hi-ten steel
  • Fork: Cromoly steel
  • Wheels: Foffa 40mm-deep V-shape rims on flip-flop rear
  • Transmission: 48/18 singlespeed/fixed
  • Brakes: Unbranded dual calipers

Shipping costs

Shipping to "main EU countries" is free. For deliveries outside of the EU, please email Foffa for a quote (details on its website).

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