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Long fingered gloves with Control Power Connect technology

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A thin but tough Amara leather palm with thick, stretchy Lycra across the back achieves a snug fit with the Prologo CPC gloves, even without a wrist fastening. 

The company’s CPC – Connect Power Control – material is a non-absorbent elastic polymer developed for military fast rope work. Formed into mats of dozens of tubes of varied widths and heights all squeezed together, it’s soft to touch, compressing with a light pressure, with constant grip in all conditions. 

It’s especially effective on smooth surfaces such as bottles, brake levers and bars with microfibre tape, where it simply will not slip. Imagine trying to slide an eraser across flat glass, and you’ll start to understand the level of grip, except that the gloves still have great dexterity.

With no stitching, and only a single layer of Amara with added CPC elements covering the palm and fingers, the gloves are low in bulk. Prologo claim the CPC material reduces vibration and fatigue, and we certainly agree that they’re comfortable.

Despite having no thermal properties, or Windstopper material, the Prologos kept our hands warm enough on dry days down to about 7°C.

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