Velocio Superfly women's bib shorts review£150.00

Comfort, style and innovative features galore

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Velocio’s Superfly Bib Shorts blew the competition away with a dream-like chamois, comfortable crisscrossing straps, and an ingenious back zipper for easy bathroom breaks. 

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Velocio is a clothing company with its roots firmly planted in professional women's cycling, and it shows in the products they create. Founded in 2013 by Kristy Scrymgeour to fulfil the apparel needs of her pro cycling team Velocio Sports, working alongside designer Brad Sheehan, the brand has evolved with the input of team riders and the women's cycling market. 

The bathroom break issue is a common concern for female cyclists, and Velocio have come up with an ingenious solution – a zip. At first glance, we were nervous for the small zipper on the back of the bibs. The potential for rubbing and painful chaffing seemed high with a zipper nestled so close to the skin. However, we were quickly sold on this cool new design after wearing these bibs on several long rides where we barely noticed the zipper at all.

The elastic crisscrossing straps are comfortable across the shoulders and stretchy enough to make the bathroom break process a snap. After unzipping, just pull the bibs down without removing your jersey or top layers for a quick and modest nature break.

Besides providing the easiest bathroom break process, Velocio’s Superfly bibs also boasted one of the most comfortable chamois of the roundup. The medium weight chamois was perfectly positioned in the shorts and didn’t shift around while riding. Even the Superfly leg bands were a huge win in our book. Tight enough to keep the shorts from riding up but loose enough to prevent sausage legs, Velocio’s leg bands rocked.

Without much surprise, the Velocio Superfly bib shorts quickly became our go-to pair of shorts for any length or variety of ride. They're on the more expensive side of the spectrum but if you‘re looking for the best bib shorts money can buy, Velocio is the winner.

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