MAAP Team Bib 2.0 bib shorts review

Superb fit combined with scientifically developed chamois to produce excellent bib shorts

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Hailing from Melbourne in southern Australia, MAAP makes its kit in a renowned cycle clothing specialist factory in Italy and has been making a name for itself as a brand that produces high-quality garments for consumers and professionals alike. Unlike other brands, which offer an array of different bib shorts at many different price points, MAAP offers only a single option, the Team bib 2.0 bib shorts.

The shorts are available in black or navy (with different coloured lettering), alongside thermal bib shorts and bib tights, again available in black or navy.

It shows confidence to offer what's essentially a single bib shorts option, especially at a €195 price point, but after using the bib shorts for a few months the decision makes sense.

MAAP's Team Bib 2.0 chamois was developed with sports scientist and founder of Adaptive Human Performance, Ken Ballhause.

Applying years of testing and lab-based performance analysis, combined with his extensive cycling knowledge through his work with the Drapac Professional Cycling team, Ballhause developed a chamois focused on ultimate support for the rider.

The chamois pad in the bibshorts features two different densities of padding for perfect support
The chamois pad in the bibshorts features two different densities of padding for perfect support

The MAAP Team Bib 2.0 chamois claims to not only support the pelvis well but relieve any pressure on soft tissue areas, as well as remove any unnecessary bulk from the pad.

MAAP executes this effective design using two different densities of padding in specific areas of the chamois pad, combined with laser-cut perforations at the front of the pad, for good breathability and a uniform, microfibre finish across the entire pad for soft contact with the skin.

Put simply, the chamois in the MAAP Team Bib 2.0 bib shorts is one of the best I have ever used and I'm yet to feel any discomfort while riding in the bib shorts.

Away from the chamois, the bib shorts see other well-considered design features. Instead of the usual silicone grippers on the leg cuff, seen on most bib shorts, these bibs feature a strip of two bonded layers around the cuff of the leg, which combine to provide a secure fit, and I have yet to experience the bib shorts riding up at the legs.

Instead of using silicone grippers, MAAP has bonded two layers of material at the leg cuffs for a secure fit
Instead of using silicone grippers, MAAP has bonded two layers of material at the leg cuffs for a secure fit

A combination of compression and comfort is offered through the various panels used on the bib shorts and the bib straps have never felt restrictive or clammy in hot or humid conditions.

After numerous washes over the past six months I have yet to see any deterioration in the finish of the bib shorts, which can sometimes be a problem with professional-level, technical clothing.

While some people may prefer a more exciting or colourful design when it comes to bib shorts, for me the simple black or navy finish is welcome and allows the shorts to be worn with just about any jersey or sock combination, should you be worried.

Both the navy and black versions of the MAAP Team Bib 2.0 bib shorts are available in a handful of different colours for the subtle MAAP logo on the leg side panels. Two small reflective tabs to the rear of each leg are also appreciated.

The only obvious drawback to these bib shorts is the price. At €195, MAAP's Team Bib 2.0 bib shorts are not competitively priced. However, similarly priced bib shorts from the likes of Rapha, Le Col, Assos, Attaquer and more are available but MAAP's offering easily matches, and possibly surpass, the performance of any bib shorts I have ever tested.

If you can afford them, you will not be disappointed.

Size tested: Medium.

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