Syncros Tofino 1.0 saddle review£143.00

Short saddle with plush padding

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Syncros has revamped its saddle line for 2019 by working with German bike-fit company gebioMized, which has access to 50,000 data sets on people’s saddle requirements. The Tofino is the most race-orientated of Syncros’s new designs.

It’s 248mm long (8mm longer than the Specialized Power) and 135mm wide (although there’s also a 145mm-wide version). This slender, carbon-railed design tips the scales at 185g.

Despite its narrow shape, I found the Tofino impressively comfortable

Despite the minimal shaping and low weight, the Tofino is very amply padded. Its shape is flatter than something like the Scicon Elan and though the width looks narrow, it doesn’t feel narrow when you’re riding.

The deep, plush padding extends across the full width of the saddle and it’s also generously deep along the edges of the narrow open channel.

This is Syncros’s premium saddle so, as you’d expect, the base is carbon and so are the rails. I was a bit surprised to find the rails have no clamp limit marks, so if you’re particular about your saddle position you’ll be measuring manually rather than relying on any indications on the saddle.

On the rear of the base is a rubber plug that can be pulled out to reveal two 5mm mounting points for the range of accessories that Syncros offers, which includes mudguards and saddlebags.

Despite its narrow shape, I found the Tofino impressively comfortable. The flat profile works in this shorter shape and the generous padding means I never felt uncomfortable, no matter how much time I spent perched on it.

Syncros Tofino 1.0 specifications

  • Rails: Carbon
  • Width: 135mm
  • Length: 248mm

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