How to prepare for a time trial

5 top TT tips from pro cyclist Harry Tanfield

Be prepared before your time trial

Canyon Eisberg team rider and time trial specialist Harry Tanfield runs us through the training and preparation essentials that riders need for a time trial race.


1. Never miss a trick

I like to go flat out whenever I can — it gets the body used to being at full gas when called for. Always build an opportunity to do so into your training rides.

2. Plan every move

Train in your time trial position as much as possible in the build-up to your race. Doing heart rate sessions, strength sessions, attack practice in that position gets your muscles used to it.

Leave nothing to chance — know what you’re going to eat and when, when you’re going to be warming up, everything.

3. Have no fear

I performed my best in a TT at the culmination of four days of 200km Tour rides. I thought my legs might be shot, but do your homework and give it your best.

4. Know the way

It pays to get familiar with the course beforehand. Plan how you’ll take the next corner, work your gears and deal with the challenges.


5. Show off

The Tour of Britain was an opportunity to put the team in the spotlight. The TT was a chance to show what I could do. Don’t be intimidated, they’re tough, they push the body and mental strength, but keep composed and don’t let the conditions faze you.