Polar Keo Power Bluetooth Smart power meter packages launched

Polar offers cheaper left leg-only power option

Polar’s Keo Power range has been relaunched to use Bluetooth Smart. Along with an updated full Keo Power package, which offers left-right leg power balance, there’s a cheaper Keo Power Essential option that works off a left leg-only measurement and doubles it for an estimation of total power.

The big news with the relaunch has to be the Keo Power Essential package. Retailing at £844.50 / US$1,100 / AU$TBC, it falls within the price band ofother single-sided power meters like Stages and Rotor LT. Coming in at 369g (claimed), it’s also a light option.

Another benefit of the Essential is that it only features one Bluetooth Smart transmitter – making set-up easier as there’s no fiddling with locknuts on the drive side.

The full Keo Power Bluetooth Smart set-up retains two-legged data capture to offer left and right balance as well as pedalling efficiency. It’s had a small price drop from the previous generation down to £1,439.50 / US$1,699 / AU$2,199, but that’s still more than the Garmin Vector, which offers a simpler set-up and ANT+ compatibility.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade across both new systems is the use of Bluetooth Smart, rather than the old Polar WIND transmission. This means potential compatibility and interaction with apps and a high refresh rate for smooth data, but also that Garmin (or any ANT+ devices) won’t be compatible. Instead, users will have to shell out for the upcoming Polar V650 head unit (€219.90 other prices TBC) or the company’s V800 multisport watch (£399.50 / US$519.95 / AU$629), neither of which is included in the Keo Power package.

The transmitter pod has also been redesigned to make it slimmer (but longer), increasing chain clearance. Polar recommends a minimum gap of 5mm from crankarm to chain and that the cranks are narrower than 16mm in width and narrower than 40mm in diameter at the pedal mounting point.

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