Quarq launch ELSA and RIKEN power meters

Top-end model weighs a claimed 745g

Quarq launched two new power meters, the ELSA and RIKEN, which the company claims come with accuracy and versatility improvements over previous models.

Both models allow users to swap chain rings without having to recalibrate their devices. This is new for Quarq. Claimed accuracy for both is  +/-1.5%.

The new flagship ELSA 10R unit retails at $1,995/£1540/€1,787 and uses hollow carbon fibre crank arms in a 745g package. It is available in lengths of 162.5-177.5mm and with either 53/39 or 50/34 ratios. For reference, the company's SRAM Red model weighs 778g in a 172.5mm length.

The RIKEN 10R hits the shops at $1,595/£1230/€1,428 for a GXP bottom bracket version or $1,645/ £1280/€1,473 for a BB30 model. It does without the hollow carbon technology from the ELSA and in turn balances the scales at 823g. Chain ring options are 53/39 or 50/34, with a choice of 170-175mm crank arms.

Both models are compatible with ANT+ head units and include an LED indicator and visible ANT+ ID for easy installation and operation. Each meter is powered by a single CR2032 battery that is good for a claimed 300 hours of riding time.

The ELSA 10R is available now whilst riders will have to hold out until February 22 for the RIKEN 10.

Other Quarq models include those for SRAM Red, Specialized and Cannondale cranks. SRAM bought Quarq, a small company based in South Dakota, in 2011.

Quarq elsa 10r power meter:
Quarq elsa 10r power meter:
The new ELSA from Quarq weighs a claimed 745g

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