Sea Otter gallery, pt 5: The best new gravel/adventure bikes and gear

700c rigs with dropper posts? You bet

The gravel and adventure segments continue to grow as evidenced by the large number of new products aimed at people who prioritize the road less traveled. Whether new bikes, ways to carry camping gear, or shoes and forks designed to damp vibration, it’s a good time for riding mixed terrain. 

Tubeless options abound for 2016, too, with 32mm looking skinny next to the likes of 34, 36, 37, 40 and even 44 and 45mm options cropping up.

Raleigh showed off a really interesting adventure bike at Sea Otter, the Stuntman. Selling for $2,000, the bike uses 631 steel and an alloy fork. It clears 2.1in 29ertyres and comes with an 80m dropper post.

Check through the gallery for the latest in gravel goods.

The definition of a road tyre continues to evolve with the adventure set. Here are the 32 (slick) and 34mm versions of WTB's new Exposure

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