RipRow will make you a better mountain biker, inventor claims

Machine targets MTB-specific stability, balance and strength

The RipRow is a mountain-bike training tool that comes with some lofty promises, including the potential for improved strength, range of motion, coordination, confidence and balance on the bike. Built on a rounded base for intended instability, the Riprow can be pushed or pulled with adjustable resistance.

RipRow specs

  • Deck: 36.3 x 24.1 x 6.9 inches
  • Frame: Fits riders sizes XXS to XXL
  • Handlebars: 800mm wide with extra-long RipRow grips
  • Effective grip widths: 680-800 mm (this is the distance between the outsides of the rider's hands)
  • Seatpost: Adjustable with quick-release lever
  • Dampers: Sealed hydraulic units with 12 levels of resistance
  • Weight:  40lb

RipRow is the brainchild of mountain bike coach and author Lee McCormack. His intends it be a tool that helps riders learn technique while improving MTB-specific strength and fitness.

McCormack has coached thousands of mountain bikers and has been working on the RipRow for the past four years, he said.

While coaching and bike-focused gym workouts aren't new, a machine built specifically for the end goal of charging harder on the bike seems to be. 

How does it work?

The RipRow can be pushed and pulled for strength exercises, and the base is unstable for core strengthening and balance
The RipRow can be pushed and pulled for strength exercises, and the base is unstable for core strengthening and balance

McCormack believes what makes great mountain bikers great are a few universal movement patterns.

The RipRow is designed to mimic a bike with a handlebar and moveable pedals. The machine sits on a rounded base, and the instability is designed to strengthen core balance.

The pedals can be arranged to have either foot forward, or even together for a motorcycle-like experience. 

McCormack said theRipRow movements replicate what you do when working a bike over terrain, both uphill and downhill.  You can push or pull on the bike, with adjustable resistance, balancing all the while.

McCormack has three workout videos on his site along with eight workout movements, and says more will be added.

Resistance is adjustable
Resistance is adjustable

RipRow pricing and availability

RipRow machines are being built in the US in Boulder, Colorado. The first production batch is expected to be done in December. 

Pricing is set at £913 / $1,199 / AU$1,565; they can ordered on RipRow's site.

Russell Eich

Tech Writer, US
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