Best women’s road bike saddles

The best-selling saddles on the market tried, tested and rated

Finding the best women’s road bike saddle can be a trial and error process, so we’ve tried and tested some of the most popular saddles on the market.


Comfort, performance, enjoyment: if you spend time on a road bike you’ll know first hand the importance of finding a saddle that fits you, complements your riding style and works with your body.

We’ve looked at weight, size options, a variety of price points and construction materials when testing, and commented on how our tester felt after long hours in the saddle on a variety of terrain.

However, saddle choice is a very personal thing. Everyone’s body is different and unique, and this also applies to the nether regions, so a saddle that may suit one rider — or our tester — may not be right for another.

Good news then that more manufacturers and shops are offering fitting services, demo saddles, trial periods and money-back or exchange programmes if you don’t get on with your new perch. It’s always worth talking to your bike shop to check out what they can offer.

Rear view of female rider and a women's bike saddle
Getting the right saddle is crucial for a comfortable ride
Phil Hall / Immediate Media Co

Women’s specific road saddles are designed to support the main pressure points of the sit bones, dissipating the pressure over a wide area, but alleviating the pressure on the soft tissue of the external genitalia.

On road bikes, the pelvis of the rider is tilted further forward than on mountain bikes and some hybrid or commuter bikes, which means more of that soft tissue is directly underneath the rider. A central groove or channel, or a cut-out, is often used in women’s saddles to alleviate this pressure.

Brands are spending more time and money researching and developing saddles to suit female riders so that women don’t end up suffering discomfort or, worse, injury through riding.

12 of the best women’s road bike saddles, as rated by our expert testers

  • Specialized Power Expert saddle
  • Fizik Luce Carbon women’s saddle
  • Fizik Luce S-Alloy women’s saddle
  • Specialized Oura Pro women’s saddle
  • Bontrager Ajna Pro Carbon women’s saddle
  • Ergon SR Sport Gel women’s saddle
  • PRO Griffon Lady saddle
  • ISM PN3.1 women’s saddle
  • Fizik Vesta women’s saddle with manganese rails
  • Liv Contact SL Forward saddle
  • Fabric Scoop Sport Shallow saddle
  • Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow saddle

Specialized Power Expert saddle

5.0 out of 5 star rating
Specialized Power saddle in red
A unisex saddle that’s proved very popular with many female and male road riders
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co
  • £100 / €129.90 / $150 / AU$170
  • Weight: 215g
  • Sizes: 143mm, 155mm, 168mm

Although this is not a women’s specific saddle, it’s proved very popular with many female riders, including me.

Interestingly, it shares a number of features with the Fizik Luce saddle (below), such as a wide rear platform and a central cut out. However, the nose on the Power saddle is significantly shorter, which may help relieve pressure on the front of the sit area when riding forwards in the drops.

The shell is carbon-reinforced with minimalist but effective polyurethane padding and a water-resistant cover. There is also a range of colours available.

For those who like to ride as unencumbered as possible, the Power saddle is compatible with Specialized’s SWAT (Storage, Water, Air, Tools) system, which means you can clip on several elements, such as a tube and CO2 inflator, to the saddle and save your pocket space for snacks.

Fizik Luce Carbon women’s saddle

4.5 out of 5 star rating
Grey with pink details Fizik Luce saddle
The Fizik Luce has a distinctive winged shape
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co
  • £164.99 / €179 / $200
  • Weight: 191g
  • Sizes available: regular, large

The Luce Carbon from Fizik is a light, minimalist, race-focussed saddle with a distinctly different outline to the majority of other women’s specific saddles. It features a more angled cut to the wings, and a more rectangular platform towards the back of the saddle with a narrow central cut-out.

Fizik invested a significant amount of time conducting research with the aim of making a high-performance women’s race saddle, and as a result, developed an interesting three-part construction with a central carbon-reinforced spine, with the wings of the rear section made from a more flexible thermoplastic elastomer.

The rail is a one-piece carbon construction, designed to have greater flex — though no less strength — than the usual two-piece rail construction. Fizik calls this a Mobius rail construction, because it’s a continuous loop.

In practice, I found the saddle very comfortable. The long nose with central cut-out provided great support when in an aggressive position down on the drops, and the more angled wing shape meant that they were out of the way from the upper legs when in this position, so there was minimal rubbing.
In a more upright position that wide rear area provided good, comfortable support.
Although the saddle is minimalist, the padding has more give than on some of the other saddles tested, and combined with the flex of the carbon rail system helped make this one of the most comfortable saddles on test.
This is definitely a saddle for riders who prefer a more aggressive, race-focused body position. Also, the outer point of the wings may be a point of friction for some riders, though I didn’t experience this myself.

Fizik Luce S-Alloy women’s saddle

4.5 out of 5 star rating
Photo of the top and bottom of a black women's bike saddle on a white background
The saddle features flexible wings which allow them to move with the motion of the rider
Immediate Media Co
  • £89.99 / €99 / $99 / AU$TBC
  • Widths available: Regular, large
  • Colours: Black
  • Rails: Alloy
  • Weight: 263g (L)

The Fizik Luce S-Alloy offers a non-traditional design with some innovative features created to solve some of the issues many women suffer from when riding.

This includes flexible construction of the saddle wings, which allows them to flex and move with the rider’s leg movement while still providing firm support for the sit bones.

Fizik put significant research and investment into the development of this saddle, and other elements include a wide rear platform for support as well as a sharply angled transition between the nose and platform, designed to avoid rubbing at the top of the thigh.

Specialized Oura Pro women’s saddle

4.5 out of 5 star rating
The Specialized Oura with a long central channel with a cut-out
The Specialized Oura features a long central channel with a cut-out
Immediate Media Co
  • £150 / €179.90 / $200 / AU$250
  • Weight (size 155): 193g
  • Sizes available: 143mm, 155mm, 168mm

The Oura Pro is Specialized’s top-of-the-line women’s specific endurance saddle and consists of a size-specific saddle with light padding and a long central groove and large cut-out to alleviate pressure on soft tissue when in a road cycling position.

It has a curved profile with an upwards curving rear and downwards curving nose, which provides support that works with you as you move between different positions — from drops to the hoods.

Padding is a medium-density — firm but supportive foam — which provides enough cushioning to feel comfortable on long rides.

The carbon rails are oversized, which is great for strength and vibration-damping, but awkward in that it won’t fit every seatpost — it’s not compatible with 7mm side clamps, for example, so check before you buy. The shell is carbon and reinforced with what Specialized calls ‘women’s tuning’.

In action, it provides a good combination of stiffness and flex, supporting body weight on the sit bones without discomfort to the soft tissue, even when putting the power down in an aggressive riding position.

The saddle is available in three sizes — 143mm, 155mm and 168mm — and Specialized retailers will be able to measure each customer to determine which size is required.

The saddle is also compatible with products from the Specialized SWAT range, such as saddle bags and spare inner tube holders, which can be clipped on rather than strapped on.

If you’re after the fit of the Oura saddle, but don’t want to spend quite so much, or want something that will fit most seat clamps, then the lower-priced Specialized Oura Expert Gel saddle is worth a look.

It provides the same shape and fit but features hollow titanium rails and thicker gel inserts for greater cushioning.

Bontrager Ajna Pro Carbon women’s saddle

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Photograph of the top and underside of a women's bike saddle in black on a white background
The Bontrager Ajna is designed to suit a more aggressive on-bike position
  • £149.99 / €199.99 / $219.99 / AU$249
  • Widths available: 144mm, 154mm, 164mm
  • Colours: Black
  • Rails: Oversized carbon
  • Weight: 178g (154mm)

The Ajna is a long, slim performance saddle designed for road cyclists and mountain bikers which comes in three different width fittings.

The Pro Carbon version is constructed from carbon rails and a carbon reinforced shell, though the range also extends to lower priced models with a similar shape.

A long, slender nose and long central cutout minimise pressure on the soft tissue in a range of on-bike positions, while the rear platform provides firm support.

Ergon SR Sport Gel women’s saddle

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Ergon SR Sport Gel Women saddle top and underneath view
The Ergon SR saddle was developed with the input of the Canyon//SRAM pro women’s cycling team
  • £79.99 / €89.95 / $89.95
  • Widths available: S/M, M/L
  • Colours: Black, Red
  • Rails: CroMo
  • Weight: 289g (M/L)

This entry-level model has the same overall form of the pro-level model developed with the Canyon//SRAM pro women’s cycling team, but with more compliant cushioning and heavier materials, it is also excellent value for money.

In terms of shape, it has a slightly truncated nose with a flared rear platform that provides good support in a range of on-bike positions.

PRO Griffon Lady saddle

4.0 out of 5 star rating
This women's saddle from PRO features a central channel rather than a cut out
This women’s saddle from PRO features a central channel rather than a cut out
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co
  • £89.99 / $TBC / AU$TBC
  • Weight: 221g (142mm)
  • Sizes available: 142mm, 152mm

The Griffon, according to PRO, is designed for riders who tend to shift position in the saddle when riding, and this women’s version has a different shape and increased padding to the men’s version.

It features a carbon-reinforced base, which is good to see at this price point, and hollow rails to reduce weight.

Padding is certainly softer and thicker than on either the Specialized Oura or Bontrager Ajna, so this sits at a good intermediate position between these saddles, and the Fizik Vesta (see below) in terms of shape, design and padding.

The central cut-out is shorter and narrower than the other saddles on test, with a very slightly curved profile and a flat rear portion with a steep curve to the wing section at either side. It also has the widest nose section.

If you like to move your position on the saddle when on the bike, the Griffon certainly allows for this, and the level of cushioning feels plush and comfortable on long distances — though is less useful for those who want a fixed position for more aggressive riding.

I had mixed feelings about the central stripe of shiny smooth material because it formed a slight ridge towards the nose of the saddle and created some discomfort.

The PRO Griffon is available in two widths, 142mm and 152mm, and in black or white. PRO also suggests this saddle is suitable for mountain biking as well as road cycling.

PRO offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can take the saddle for a good ride to see if it works for you, and if it doesn’t, you can return it and you won’t be out of pocket.

ISM PN3.1 women’s saddle

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Image of the top side and underside of a bike saddle on a white background
The ISM PN 3.1 saddle is certainly distinctive
  • £140.00 / $200
  • Widths available: One size (other models available)
  • Colours: Black, white
  • Rails: Chromoly
  • Weight: 296g

ISM’s distinctive saddles with their noseless designs are made for riders who prefer an aggressive on-bike position. The lack of nose and the long cutaway central channel mean that the saddle supports the sitbones without putting any pressure on the soft tissue of the genitalia.

ISM produces a range of saddles with different purposes and widths, and the PN3.1 part of the name here refers to the fact that this is its Performance Narrow saddle. There are others available across the ISM range.

The look of the saddle may not be to everyone’s taste, but many riders who’ve struggled to find something comfortable rave about it.

Also consider

Fizik Vesta women’s saddle with manganese rails

3.5 out of 5 star rating
Fizik Vesta women's saddle in black and white
This budget saddle won’t be for everyone, but many women get on great with it
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co
  • £59 / $80 / AU$106
  • Weight: 299g
  • Size options: One size only: 270mm x 150mm

The Vesta from Fizik is a popular saddle and the entry-level model here features manganese rails with a carbon-reinforced nylon shell.

Spend a bit more and you’ll get the lighter version with K:IUM rails. In case you’re wondering what K:IUM stands for, Fizik describes it as a combination of the titanium alloy it uses plus a proprietary tube design and finishing process that results, it says, in an 8 percent weight reduction and better corrosion resistance.

The Vesta features Fizik’s Integrated Clip System (ICS), which allows its lights and saddle bags to snap securely into place without the need for straps and clips.

With the usual disclaimer that saddle choice is a personal matter, I found the slightly more domed nose of the Vesta, combined with the shallowing of the central channel towards the nose of the saddle, caused uncomfortable rubbing and pressure on the soft tissue of the undercarriage area.

The wings also sit longer and lower than the other options tested here, so if you know you are susceptible to catching your leg on this part of the saddle, this is something to be aware of.

However, we also know plenty of women who swear by this saddle, so as with the others, test if you can.

The version tested here is one that comes supplied with a bike, identical to the retail version in all but colour. The Vesta is available to buy in matt black with a slightly textured look and sleek cover on the wings, designed to allow friction-free movement of the legs against the saddle.

This saddle is also thicker in terms of the overall structure than many of the others on test, with thick but firm padding. This is something to be aware of when thinking about your bike fit, and you may want to drop your seatpost by a few millimetres to compensate if you’ve been fitted to your bike with a thinner saddle.

The saddle can be used for road and off-road riding, and BikeRadar has previously tested the K:IUM version of it for mountain biking.


Liv Contact SL Forward saddle

The Liv Contact Forward saddle features a central pressure-relief channel
The Liv Contact Forward saddle features a central pressure-relief channel
Liv Cycling
  • £69.99 / €82 / $110 / AU$129.95

Women’s cycling brand Liv makes a selection of road saddles that are available in two forms: Forward and Upright.

The Forward saddles are designed for a more aggressive road riding position where the pelvis is tilted forward, while the Upright version is designed to support the undercarriage when riding in a more upright position.

This version features a carbon composite shell and alloy rails.

Fabric Scoop Sport Shallow saddle

Fabric's popular Scoop saddle in black with white logo detail
The Fabric Scoop is unisex saddle that’s popular with many female riders

While not technically a women’s specific saddle, the Fabric Scoop Sport Shallow saddle is popular with many riders, not least for its accessible price point.

The Scoop Sport Shallow consists of steel rails, foam padding and a microfibre cover. It’s only available in one size, 282mmx142mm, and is designed for a moderately inclined ride position, aimed towards endurance road riding rather than a full-on aggressive race position.

There are other versions of the Scoop available with different profiles, padding levels and widths to accommodate a range of riding styles from road racing to leisure cycling.

Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow saddle

The Lady Flow saddle is a very popular model, and comes specc'd on a number of bikes
The Lady Flow saddle is a very popular model, and comes specc’d on a number of bikes
Selle Italia

Available in one size only (262mmx160mm) the Lady Gel Flow from Selle Italia features a long and wide central cut out, plus rounded seat profile.

This version has manganese rails, a leather cover, and extra padding, and shock-absorption properties over some of the other models and men’s saddles from the Italian saddle maker.