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Cheap bike computers for under £100

Our pick of the best budget bike computers for your road and bike adventures

Best Budget Bike Computers for £100 or less

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful bike computer that will track your ride time and speed, there are plenty of options to choose from. 


The sophistication of the computer you buy will depend on how much you spend. For £20 you’ll get a simple but useful wireless bike computer that will track basic ride data as ride distance and duration, and display it on a backlit LCD screen. 

Add another tenner and you may be able to get a computer that connects to your smartphone. Above £50 and you’ll start to find more sophisticated bike computers that can track physiological elements such as heart rate, plus GPS tracking.

Most bike computers in this price range now come with their own apps and will link to Strava and other cycling apps.

Cheap bike computers: 7 budget options

Giant Axact 9W Wireless Cycling Computer

Giant Axact 9W Wireless best budget cycling computer
Giant Axact 9W Wireless Cycling Computer.

The Giant Axact is a simple, nine-function analogue bike computer for under £30 that’s controlled by one simple button.

It will attempt to work out your calorific consumption along with max speed and riding time while tracking your distance covered. 

CatEye Velo Wireless bike computer

cateye velo wireless bike computer
CatEye Velo Wireless bike computer.

For under £30 the CatEye Velo wireless bike computer has all the basic measurement features you’d hope for, including speed and distance plus an estimated calorie burn. 

Like the Giant computer, the Velo is a simple piece of tech with single button operation. Less is more, some say.  

Cube RFR CMPT Wireless cycle computer

RFR CMPT Wireless best budget cycling computer
RFR CMPT Wireless cycle computer.

If you want a wireless cycling computer you can use on two bikes, the RFR CMPT from Cube can save the data of two separate users.

The computer will track the speed, distance and time of your rides and compare to your annual averages. Plus it comes in a variety of colours. 

Cheap bike computers under £100

Lezyne Mini GPS

Lezyne Mini GPS pack best budget bike computer
The Lezyne Mini GPS looks a little old-school but offers a lot of functionality for the money.

It looks a little old school, but the Lezyne Mini GPS was awarded 4.5 stars when our BikeRadar expert testers put it through its paces. 

It offers all the key performance metrics you might expect for a computer under £100 including navigation and wireless connection capabilities. 

Pair the Mini with Lezyne’s Ally phone app and you can track cadence, power and heart rate using the appropriate sensors. 

Sigma Pure GPS bike computer with integrated altimeter

Sigma Pure GPS best budget bike computer
Sigma Pure GPS bike computer.
Rose Bikes

This is a no-frills entry into GPS bike computers. 

The Sigma Pure can store up to 110 hours of trip data in the training log or transfer it to your phone.

It’s Strava-compatible and has 15 hours of battery life to keep you firmly on the right track. 

CatEye Padrone Smart+ bike computer

CatEye Padrone best budget bike computer
CatEye Padrone Smart Computer.

The CatEye Padrone Smart+ is an interesting bike computer that harnesses the power of your smartphone. 

The computer connects to your phone via Bluetooth, then uses its GPS tracking to give functionality akin to a more expensive computer, but in an affordable package. 

Garmin Edge 25 GPS bike computer

Some riders opt for the entry-level Garmin Edge 25 computer
Its a little over budget, but the Edge 25 is a great little computer.
Josh Evans/Immediate Media

Okay, so it’s a little above the threshold to be classed as cheap, but we had to include the Garmin Edge 25.  

As well as tracking core ride data, this little gadget will sync with WiFi or Bluetooth for live tracking, as well as incoming calls and text alerts.


The display is fully customisable to show just what you need, all in a compact package.