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Cheap bike sheds and outdoor bike storage ideas

Once you invest in a bike, keeping it safely stored is one simple way to lengthen its lifespan

Cheap sheds

There are lots of innovative indoor bike storage ideas to make the most of whatever space you have, but if mud on your carpet and scuffs on your walls don’t appeal, or you simply can’t store your bike inside, we’ve rounded up a selection of affordable bike sheds and outdoor storage solutions.

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As well as helping to protect your bike from the elements, our picks should also help keep it safe, though do read our guides on how to improve bike shed security, how to lock a bike and bicycle insurance.

On that note, we’ve also got a round-up of the best bike locks, tested to destruction by the BikeRadar team.

Our cheap bike shed selection focuses on options under £500 – you can, of course, spend less, but at this price, you start to balance space and security.

Equally, you can spend a lot more to increase space and for burlier options, including the likes of Asgard’s bike-specific, heavyweight metal storage boxes.

Cheap bike sheds, eight of our favourites 

  • Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed: £159.99
  • Apex Overlap Bike Store, 7ft x 3ft : £309.99
  • Rowlinson Shiplap Wallstore: £369.99
  • Metal Garden Shed with Saddle Roof: £232.99
  • Lotus 6ft x 4ft Low Pent Solid Metal Shed: £299.99
  • Shiplap Apex Wooden Garden Shed, 6ft x 3ft: £439.99
  • Forest Garden 6ft x 4ft Apex Overlap Dip Treated Windowless Shed: £330 
  • Mercia 6ft x4ft Overlap Pent Bike Shed: £359

Keter Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed

This compact bike shed combines a wood-effect look with hardwearing resin construction. You can either open it from the two front panels or from the top by lifting the piston-assisted lid. The doors open wide to reveal a sloped threshold, which should make removing your items simple and pain-free.

Choose between the 1,200L ‘Pro’ and 2,000L ‘Ultra’ models, depending on your size requirements. Both versions have secure closures and you can add your own padlock for extra peace of mind.

Apex Overlap Bike Store, 7ft x 3ft  (213cm x 85cm)

Your bikes can dry under cover without dripping on a wooden base.

The Apex Overlap Bike Store provides storage room for three bikes and has double-door entry for easy access when manoeuvring bikes in and out.

There’s no floor to allow moisture from wet bikes to run off unobstructed, and the wooden shed arrives with a preservative for you to add on installation.

The wooden doors feature a metal latch through which a padlock can be secured. 

Rowlinson Shiplap Wallstore

Fit two to three adult bikes in this Rowlinson bike store.
One Garden

You can store two to three adult size bikes inside this 6ft x 2.8ft bike shed.

It features a double-door front entry for easily reaching and rearranging bikes, plus a hasp and staple door catch for you to secure with your own padlock.

It’s built from pressure-treated wood to protect against rot. 

Metal Garden Shed with Saddle Roof 

Padlock the sliding doors of this metal shed for a secure bike storage solution.
Mano Mano

If you’d prefer metal over wood, this rust-resistant metal bike shed is designed to be robust, with reinforced walls and sliding-door entry.

There are two colour options for the galvanised steel exterior of this shed, so you can choose either green or grey to best fit your garden. Plus you are able to padlock the sliding door for some security.  

Lotus 6ft x 4ft Low Pent Solid Metal Shed

A waterproof, sturdy and non-combustible bike shed.

This metal shed is made from high-tensile and hot-dipped galvanised steel, and should prove a durable storage solution for your bike, being both waterproof and lockable.

It’s also non-combustible, which is a requirement sometimes stipulated by accommodation providers such as caravan parks for any storage sheds. 

Shiplap Apex Wooden Bike Shed, 6ft x 3ft

Shiplap cladding gives this shed a smooth exterior finish.

This pressure-treated wooden number is made of FSC-certified pine that’s weather- and rot-resistant, and comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, as well as a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Padlock-compatible doors come with the shed, which features shiplap cladding, seeing interlocking tongue and groove boards slot together for a seamless appearance and sturdy exterior. 

There’s a pent roof line to encourage rainwater run-off and flooring made from orientated strand board, offering similar durability to plywood.

Forest Garden 6ft x 4ft Apex Overlap Dip Treated Windowless Shed

A good choice for storing your bike out of sight.
Forest Garden

The windowless design of this 6ft x 4ft Apex shed should help with the security, hiding the bikes you stow inside, as should the hidden hinges and the hasp and staple latch.

Being wooden in construction, the shed comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and has a pressure-treated wooden floor for added resilience against dampness created by dripping bikes. 

Mercia 6ft x 4ft Overlap Pent Bike Shed

With a lick of lacquer, this bike shed should last a long time.

This 6ft x 4ft overlap pent box bike store uses rustic overlapping cladding to form its external structure, while thick wooden framing supports from the inside.

Its base and roof are made of sheet boards, a slightly cheaper material to help keep things more cost-effective. This shouldn’t make it less secure than other wooden bike sheds, but you may, in the long term, need to coat it with an additional protective layer of waterproofing lacquer. 

There are two large and lockable double doors, plus a barrier against the elements provided by roofing felt.

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