Weight weenies rejoice! Here are the five lightest road bikes of 2016

We're gonna need a smaller set of scales...

lightest road bikes

So you think you know the lightest production road bikes? Prepare for us to blow your mind… or at least worry your bank account, for we’ve uncovered the very lightest models of 2016. Take a look.


Yes, there are some strong performers from 2015, such as Trek’s Emonda SLR 10, weighing in at 4.65kg (10.2lbs), but what’s got us really excited are the new pretenders.

Take a look at Fuji’s flagship climbing bike the SL 1.1, tipping the scales at a claimed 4.95kg for a size 56cm. Or how about Canyon’s ultralight 4.85kg version of the Ultimate CF? That’s including kit built with everyday riding in mind – the frame uses different modulus carbon to come in at just 665g.

Seeking to usurp the Emonda as the new ‘world’s lightest production road bike’ is Merida’s Scultura 9000 LTD, rocking some serious impressive numbers – 4.5kg for a complete build, with the frame tubes going down to just 0.4mm thickness in place. Woah.


Finally, Lightweight’s VIAL evo ultra looks to have trumped all of the above, dispensing with such fripperies as paint to come in at a claimed 4.4kg for total build. It features AX Lightness’ own carbon brake calipers, saddle, seat post and – best of all – its U24T wheels. These come in at less than 800g for the pair, and yet incredibly they can support riders up to 100kg. So which one’s got your pulse racing?