Hill Climb Diaries: part 6 — exotic carbon upgrades and savage training

You gotta work hard to go this fast uphill

It’s time for the next action-packed episode of the Hill Climb Diaries. This week, our intrepid hill climbers laugh in the face of miserable weather as they take on not one, not two, but FOUR different events over the course of one weekend.


As it’s mid-season, the countdown to the Nationals is on and every race counts as technique is honed to the point of finesse.

Joe races at Shelsley Walsh, while Reuben competes in an all-time classic at Monsal Head

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of training you need for hill climbing, then look no further. Coach Tom Bell gives an overview of the training load he recommends for getting ready for the intense power output required to power up inclines at peak output.

Joe Norledge displays a good pain face and climbing technique…

Strength is important too, and Joe Norledge has been working with Ben Plenge of Strength Factory to get his pins powerful and his core stable and strong.

There’s also the usual post-race chat with the winners and competitors. Look out for those faces as we get closer to the National Hill Climb Champs as they’re going to be the competitors the BikeRadar team will be up against.

…But is Reuben Bakker-Dyos’ pain face better than Norledge’s?

And, of course, there’s more new, light, carbon shizzle to ogle as a light bike makes for those all important time savings.

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