4 festive smoothie recipes (and a bonus festive flapjack)

Fuel up with a Christmas flavour

Cinnamon, gingerbread, chocolate orange — the flavours of Christmas are certainly to be savoured. So don’t miss out on maximum festive cheer just because you’re training! These festive smoothie recipes will provide you with the protein you need for recovery and with all the flavour of Christmas. We’ve even thrown in a flapjack recipe for good measure. 


We’ve partnered with 220 Triathlon (also published by Immediate Media) to bring you a selection of recipes specially selected to support the cyclist or athlete in training — and they taste damn good too! All the recipes are easy to follow and take you through step-by-step how to create everything from tasty lunches to quick and easy smoothies.

These simple smoothie recipes have been crafted by nutritionist Danny Webber of Nutrition X and bring the best of those Christmas flavours, like eggnog and gingerbread latte, but with a fraction of the calories and plenty of protein and goodness instead. 

And if you want something a little more substantial, or just fancy a nice mid-afternoon treat, then might we recommend the delicious Christmas-inspired mincemeat and orange flapjack recipe. We know what we’ll be chowing down on during our winter rides this festive season. 

Black Forest Gateau smoothie

This recipe also gives you an antioxidant hit with the tasty frozen berries it contains
220 Triathlon / Immediate Media
Rich, tasty chocolate (courtesy of protein powder — pick one you like!) combines with antioxidant-rich berries and a little Greek yoghurt to make a smoothie with all the decadent flavours of a big, rich Black Forest Gateau, but with significantly fewer calories. Black Forest Gateau recipe on 220 Triathlon

Eggnog smoothie

All the taste with far fewer calories
220 Triathlon / Immediate Media
It’s one of the traditional flavours of Christmas, with nutmeg and cinnamon spices and lashings of cream, but eggnog also holds some serious calories. This smoothie version swaps out cream for almond milk, and includes orange, banana and yoghurt to give you the same creamy-tasting hit. Eggnog smoothie recipe on 220 Triathlon

Chocolate Orange smoothie 

Chocolate plus orange equals yum!
220 Triathlon / Immediate Media
Who doesn’t love tucking into a chocolate orange on Christmas day (if you’ve got room after all the turkey, of course)? If you’re trying to cut down on chocolate consumption a little over the festive period then opt for this instead! Chocolate protein powder, fresh orange juice and bundles of taste. Perfect after your Christmas morning ride, we reckon!Chocolate orange smoothie recipe on 220 Triathlon

Gingerbread Latte smoothie

Is it actually possible to have too much gingerbread latte?
220 Triathlon / Immediate Media
As festive as Christmas pudding, the seasonal return of the gingerbread latte at coffee shops around the world is one of the main harbingers of the festive season. If you can’t get enough of that gingery sweet flavour, you can make yourself one of these tasty smoothies instead. It combines coffee (naturally) with ginger, cinnamon, honey and milk. Swap out the milk and honey for a nut milk and maple syrup for a vegan version of this tasty smoothie. 

Gingerbread Latte smoothie recipe at 220 Triathlon

Mincemeat and Orange flapjack 

Mincemeat, orange and festive cheer
220 Triathlon / Immediate Media

We’re fairly sure most of you will be going on at least one festive ride this year and what better way to fuel than a tasty festive-inspired flapjack. Take a bundle out on a group ride and you’ll cement your friendships, or just keep them for yourself for fuelling your December miles. 

Mincemeat and Orange flapjack recipe at 200 Triathlon

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